7 Little-Known Lord of the Rings Facts

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In The Lord of the Rings books, Frodo doesn’t start his adventure until 17 years after getting the Ring.

You probably know that the movies were drastically different from the books in many ways. In the books, when Bilbo leaves Frodo with his home and the ring, Frodo is already 33 years old. Gandalf convinces Frodo to keep the ring and keep it secret before departing. 

For many years, Gandalf visits Bag End (where Frodo lives) several times. It’s only when 17 years have passed that Gandalf tells Frodo the truth of the ring- when Frodo is already 50 years old. Many other changes were made in the movies to condense the story to under three hours a film. 

Many characters like Fatty and Tom Bombadil were cut from the story entirely, while many other elements were shortened or removed. If you ever decide to read the books, you’ll be very surprised at just how in depth and extensive they are compared to the films. 


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