11 Astonishing Facts About Chicago

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This year, many Chicago public schools are re-introducing something they haven't had for 30 years: RECESS!

The time kids spend at school has been heavily scrutinized in the United States for a long time. The thinking used to be that any amount of time NOT spent learning in a classroom was time wasted. This was the thinking behind Chicago's long recess draught. It's been 30 years since some schools had recess.

However, some people have been doing research on recess. They're now saying that having a recess is much, much better than not having recess. It's going to be a challenge in Chicago. Some schools don't even have playgrounds! They also don't know how much recess to give kids. 

The benefits, however, are pretty clear. Kids who have 15 or more minutes of recess a day perform better, pay more attention and are better behaved. Recess is not a waste of time. Also, to dispel fears, researchers have shown that recess time accounts for about 2% of reported school violence!

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