7 Facts That Will Change Your View of Barbies

Posted Jul 24, by Jose Duarte

In 1965, Mattel Inc. came out with the Slumber Party Barbie. She came with her very own “How to Lose Weight” book with the main message of “don’t eat.” Alongside the book came a weight scale that was permanently set to 110 pounds. Ken, on the other hand, came with milk and cookies and no scale.

We know that Barbie’s dimensions are impossible to have, but it became the standard for women to judge themselves. Girls today are following Barbie’s guidelines inadvertently for a body and her instructions of not eating. Some actually blame Barbie for increased eating disorders among girls today.

Barbie is over 50 now, but her body has yet to change and become more realistic and celebratory of real women today. She has 1,000 YouTube clips, 300 Facebook pages, a billion pieces of clothing, 100 different careers, and 50 nationalities, but she’s still anorexic.


Barbie is the most famous doll in the world. Ruth Handler was a Denver born businesswoman in 1959 who began the Barbie enterprise. At the time, paper dolls were very popular among American girls. While in Germany, Handler ran into a 3D molded doll. It inspired her to start her own version of dolls back home in the U.S. She named her doll collection after her daughter, Barbara. 

Barbie’s forever boyfriend, Ken, was named after Handler’s son, Kenneth. The Barbie dolls shot Mattel to international prominence. Incidentally, Mattel was originally a picture framing company started by Handler’s husband. Ruth went on to be in charge of the company entirely and died in 2002. 

Her daughter, Barbara, is still very involved in the company. She even told her story on Oprah. At the taping, she presented Oprah with a one of the kind “Oprah” Barbie doll. 


Sarah Burge is a British woman who’s undergone over 100 plastic surgeries over the past 20 years. Her first surgery was when she was SEVEN years old to pin her ears back, because she felt they stuck out. 

Then, at the age of 26, she had surgery on her "double chin." After that, she was beaten by her boyfriend within an inch of her life. He broke her cheekbones, her jaw, and smashed her face with scissors. 

He threw her down a flight of stairs and left her for dead. After her harrowing ordeal, she made a business proposition to plastic surgeons telling them that if they put her back together, she would become their walking advertisement. 

Now, she’s had over £250,000 worth of plastic surgery done and continues to be a consultant for the plastic surgery industry. She has admitted to being a plastic surgery addict and won’t stop until she dies. 

She’s even gone so far as to give her seven year old daughter, Poppy, vouchers for breast implants, liposuction, and other elective surgeries worth £22,000 pounds to be redeemed when Poppy turns 18.


Update: Barbie and Ken got back together this past Valentine's Day.

You read earlier from us that the 'it' couple among all toys broke up back in 2004 after a 43-year relationship. Well, as of this past February they're back together, and Ken has really lived up to his new moniker - "Sweet Talkin' Ken"!

Unless you were creepily paying attention, you may not have realized how much this ordeal had escalated recently. Ken had even gone to such lengths as buying billboard space in New York and Los Angeles to publicly profess his undying love for his plastic princess! His messages read "Barbie, you are the only doll for me" and "Barbie, we may be plastic but our love is real." And if you were REALLY paying attention you would have noticed such things as Ken checking in on Foursquare at New York's Magnolia Bakery to purchase cupcakes for his cupcake or the two flirting up a storm on Facebook, on which they have subsequently updated their relationship status...of course.

You can read more about this from, surprisingly, CNN Money.

This rare Barbie was designed by jewelry designer Stefano Canturi and features a one carat pink diamond, 3 carats of white diamonds, and a diamond ring on her right hand! 100% of the proceeds from the Barbie doll was donated for research to breast cancer.

The doll is currently touring around the world throughout Las Vegas, London, and Shanghai! The previous record for most expensive Barbie goes to 1965's 'Midnight Red' Barbie at $17,091!



\"\" In the 1970s, a Barbie doll was released that could grow breasts!

This doll, Growing Up Skipper, was released in 1975 amid a lot of controversy. This doll was Barbie’s younger sister, who could go through puberty by rotating her left arm (and revert by rotating it back). In addition to having her breasts get larger, Skipper would get a little taller and her waist would shrink. This line of Skipper dolls discontinued in 1977. From then on Skipper, who was originally intended to be the little sister that Barbie had to babysit, would be depicted as a teenager. Oddly enough, the original Barbie was supposed to be a teenager, and Skipper was made as a reaction to complaints that Barbie was being presented as overly sexualized.

Check out this short biography cataloguing Barbie\'s early history. You can also see the early Skipper dolls on this page.

This vid creeps me out a little:

Did Barbie have a full name? In fact, Barbie\'s full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts.

The popular doll was given the name after Ruth Handler (wife of Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company) saw her daughter playing with paper dolls. She took the idea to her husband who then pitched it to the Mattel toy company, and ever since then the doll franchise was an instant success. Barbie\'s boyfriend Ken also received his name from one of the Handler\'s children.

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