7 things you didn't know about the Alien franchise

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An early script for Alien 3 took place on a planet made of wood populated by technophobic monks!

It’s really no secret that Alien 3 was a disaster of a production. They went through three directors and the one who finally saw the project through has since disowned it. They went horribly over budget costing twice as much as Alien and Alien 2. Several people tried to erect a third Alien flick, but either lost interest or were affected by a writer’s strike in the 1980s. An idea evolved of having the Aliens on Earth and a sect is created that rejects all technology beyond a certain date.

The ruling forces say to the sect that they can take a satellite out and live in space the way they want to, knowing that they’ll eventually die. The satellite is completely made of wood, a mile in diameter with 16 floors. They can grow wheat and have orchards and windmills. The idea was an early script for the Aliens 3 film, however they decided to go in a different direction in the end.


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