5 Surprising Facts About Britney Spears

Posted Jan 02, by Alison Stanton

The music video for Britney Spears’ “...Baby One More Time” was filmed at the high school where Grease was shot.

The school scenes for both the 1978 movie and 1998 music video were recorded at Venice High School in Los Angeles, CA. Oddly enough Britney’s cousin Chad Spears, a clothing model for Abercrombie and Fitch, played her love interest in the video...gross! Incest is not okay, even if Britney is from the South.

Britney Spears sometimes travels under the alias \"Alotta Warmheart\".

Here\'s a couple other fake names that she uses: Mrs. Diana Prince, \"Queen of the Fairy Dance\", and Mrs. Abra Cadabra. Wouldn\'t be surprised if she occasionally goes by \"Mrs. Obvious Fakename\".

A Polish couple living in Hannover, Germany hold the world record after a small dispute: the husband tried to cut his wife’s hair with a kitchen knife! After she said no but he kept going, the couple started yelling at each other until police had to get involved.

The couple was separated and the man was stuck with a restraining order against his former wife! Another solid contender for shortest marriage goes to Britney Spears with her friend, Jason Alexander (not George from Seinfeld). The couple was married for a total of 50 hours before Spears’ lawyers thought it would be best to divorce them due to her not understanding her actions!


The song \"3\" by Britney Spears is 3 minutes 33 seconds long.
Lady Gaga's hit single "Telephone" was originally written for Britney Spears.

Britney recorded a demo of it, but declined to release it.

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