7 Little Known Facts About Popular Drugs

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A party drug popular in Raves has been found to be super effective in treating depression!

It’s become notable because it is an anti-depressant that takes effect within hours instead of weeks or months required by other popular drugs like Prozac. The findings suggest that development of this drug can help people severely depressed to the point of being on suicide watch. 

Apparently, it also helps cure stress. According to one of the Yale professors involved with the study, “ It’s like a magic drug—one dose can work rapidly and last for seven to 10 days.” It’s called Ketamine, and is typically used in anesthetic for children in high doses. It’s also a popular rave drug due to its capability to cause brief psychotic symptoms. 

In tests, almost 70 percent of people who responded negatively to ordinary antidepressants improved within hours of taking the ketamine. Because around 40 percent of depressed people don’t respond to medication, this could be a huge help. 


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