15 Haunting Facts About Suicide

Posted Mar 29, by Greg Porter


I'm sure you've heard the urban legend of a person hanging themselves from a tree branch and no one noticing because they think it's a Halloween decoration. It's an urban legend so prevalent that it was the inspiration for the opening scene of the original Scream.

But, did you know it's also a true story? There are at least 2 documented cases of this happening. The corpse of a 42-year-old woman was on display for HOURS in Delaware, because people thought it was just a Halloween display. She hung herself 15 feet from the ground, close to a busy road where she could be seen by passing vehicles! She was first noticed at around 7:30 and the police didn't investigate until 11:00!

There was another case in California, of a 75-year-old woman that was sitting on her balcony for 3 whole days because her neighbors thought she was a halloween display. She had actually shot herself IN THE EYE and was slumping over her chair. The case was ruled an apparent suicide.



Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1961 at the age of 61, but he wasn’t the only in his family to do so. His father, Clarence, sister Ursula, brother Leicester, and his granddaughter Margaux also committed suicide.

Hemingway’s youngest son, Gregory, died of unnatural causes in 2001 after becoming a transsexual named Gloria. Hemingway had a dark view of life and some close to him say his suicide was a noble way for him to die, even calling it an act similar to a samurai warrior.

The Hemingway family is wrought with dark secrets, neglectful childrearing, and severe alcohol abuse. If you want to learn more about it, check the source.


Suicide in the Eiffel Tower is apparently quite common. France has one of the highest suicide rates at 17.5 suicides per 1000 people! Killing yourself with the 1,063 foot “Iron Lady” is the third most popular French suicide method behind poisoning and hanging.

A few times, people have attempted to kill themselves but failed to do so. It's reported that one man was blown onto a rafter by the wind and he was spared. The most curious case is one of a woman who jumped, landed on the roof of a car and later married the man who owned it! 

In an effort to reduce the number of suicides off of the Tower, six foot tall barriers were built around the tower. It has worked very well as the suicide rates have gone down exponentially. However, 4-5 cases of suicides a year in the famous city still happen.


According to a 10 page report in Britain’s Veterinary Record; vets are twice as likely as other healthcare professionals and four times as likely as the general public, to commit suicide. Possible reasons for these unfortunate statistics include the effects of the rigorous undergraduate training, work-related stress, professional and social isolation, and alcohol or drug misuse. 

This drug misuse involves mainly the prescription drugs to which a professional has ready access. The British Veterinary Association maintains a 24-hour Vet Helpline for vets, vet nurses, and veterinary students. The association’s member services group is looking into practical initiatives that can improve the vets’ daily lives. 

Recently, they’ve introduced services which resolve issues between employees and employers. As a society, we seem to think that health care professionals are impervious to any kind of illness. So it’s nice to see one of the issues affecting them, getting the attention and action it demands.


Alan Turing, was a successful British mathematician, credited with creating the building blocks for computer algorithms and cracking the enigma code. He was also gay.Turing was able to keep this a secret for most of his life until his boyfriend got in trouble with the law.

His boyfriend, Arnold Murray, attempted to break into Turing’s house and when the police found out the men were in a relationship, they were arrested for gross indecenc, because homosexuality was illegal in the UK at the time.

The country gave Turing a choice between jail and chemical castration and he chose castration. Unfortunately, depression got the best of him and Alan Turing was found dead on June 8th, 1954. Snow White was his favorite fairy tale, so he committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple!


Hitler dated 3 women in his lifetime - all 3 attempted suicide, and 2 succeeded, including his NIECE. Hitler was also a vegetarian, not because of he felt sorry for the animals, but because he believed it helped his digestion.

Some authors argued that Hitler\'s vegetarianism stemmed from a fear of cancer, which killed his mother. He did eat meat on occasion, so it would be likely that Hitler chose not to eat meat for health reasons as opposed to ethical ones. There are three women that Hitler \"dated\" in his lifetime that we know of - most notably, his fiance Mimi Reiter and his mistress Eva Braun. It\'s believed he also had a sexual relationship with Geli Raubal, HIS NIECE. Reiter attempted suicide before eventually dumping Hitler. Geli Raubal committed suicide in 1931, and Eva Braun committed suicide with Hitler.

A Man left a crossword puzzle as a suicide note!

In 1926 a Budapest coffee house waiter committed suicide, leaving a blank crossword puzzle as an explanation. According to a european publication, The Rotarian, a note with it said: "The solution will give you the exact reasons for my suicide and also the names of the people interested."

The police asked the public if they could help solve the crossword, however no one can find a record of anyone deciphering it.

There are more death-related crosswords on societytwins.com. The puzzle was sent to this girl, Sophie Morgenstein, by her brother, right before he supposedly killed himself.She thinks it's a clue to his death and is asking for help.



Suicide kills more people than homicide in the US.

TI has released a seven studio albums, collaborated with many successful artists and even starred in a couple of movies. However, one of his greater achievements may be that he once talked a man out of jumping out of a building!


On October 13, 2010, a 24-year old man named Joshua Starks stepped out the window of a 22-story building and was threatening to jump. Traffic stopped and radio and television reporters were on the scene. After hearing about the situation on the radio, TI drove to the scene and convinced the police to let him help. After going up and talking to Starks, he convinced him to come back inside. Starks was later interviewed and said that he thanked TI and he helped him realize how selfish it would have been for him to jump.


When asked about it, TI said: "For one, I'm not taking any credit. I didn't do it... I could've just as well came down there and it could have been resolved in another way. The fact of the matter is that God put me in a position to help, and I can't take any credit for that."

In case you’re skeptical, copycat suicides can be a real problem. When someone commits suicide, it’s somewhat common that others close to him or her will also commit suicide, in what is known was the Werther effect. If a suicide is very widely reported on, it can serve as a perfect model for copycats to follow suit. 

This is sometimes called a suicide contagion, and often spread through school systems or close communities. In these cases, those areas are called “suicide clusters.” Suicide clusters can also be periods of time where suicides are high, but not in a specific area. Most notably, they can occur nationwide or wider when a celebrity has committed suicide. 

An example would be Marilyn Monroe. Following her suicide in August of 1962, suicides were up by 200 deaths more than normal. So it kind of makes sense that you’re more likely to hear about a homicide than a suicide in your community. 


Kurt Cobain's suicide note was addressed to his childhood imaginary friend "Boddah."

You can read the full transcript of the note here. Or you can read a scan of the note here.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular suicide destination in the world.

Since its opening back in 1937, well over 1,300 people have plummeted from the iconic bridge to their imminent deaths below in the waters of the San Francisco Bay. The total comes out to around 20 self-murders per year, or one every two weeks.

On a less somber note, the bridge is one of the most BEAUTIFUL structures on Earth! I personally recommend biking across the bridge from Fisherman’s Wharf to Sausalito - soooo much fun. We here at OMGFacts hope that all our readers and non-readers alike leave their hearts (not their lives) in San Francisco.

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Aokigahara Forest in Japan is a popular place to commit suicide with up to 100 suicides per year.

It's known as "suicide forest" or the "Sea of Trees". It's a popular place for Japanese people to commit suicide. Each year there are 50 to 100 suicides that occur in this forest. The problem has gotten so bad that the government has resorted to installing security cameras at its entrances and people have started posting signs with information for suicide counseling (CNN)

Japan actually has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and from 2008 to 2009 the suicides increased by 15%.

According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day for self-destruction.

William Kogut was awaiting execution in a California prison when on October 20th 1930 he committed suicide in one of the most ingenious ways. Kogut was serving a sentence for the murder he had committed several years earlier, and supposedly felt great remorse for the crime. 

He believed he needed to punish himself to atone for his crimes. He didn't want to leave his punishment up to the state. Kogut tore apart red playing cards, which were said to have contained fairly volatile ink, and stuffed them into the metal leg he had torn off of his bed. 

After plugging one end with a broom handle, he poured water into the other end to soak the torn cards. Kogut placed his homemade pipe bomb on top of the kerosene heater next to his head. 

The heater turned the water into steam, and when the pressure was high enough, the bomb exploded. The explosion was so intense, bits of cards even penetrated Kogut's skull.  This has to be one of the most bizarre ways of suicide ever.


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