9 Surprising Facts About President Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy donated his presidential salary to charity.

Kennedy’s salary was $100,000 with an additional $50,000 to be used for expenses. Kennedy refused to accept his salary, instead donating the full amount to charity. His actions reflected his desire to help the poor, a desire that is reflected in his policies as president. 

He did not make his donations publicly. Kennedy gave a speech to the University of Michigan in 1960. It would be the beginning of the Peace Corps, a furthering of his interests in the needs of people in the U.S. and those abroad. K

ennedy was the 35th president and Lyndon Johnson was his vice president. His nicknames were JFK and Jack. He was assassinated in 1963 in Texas after a little over one thousand days as president. The case over his assassination is highly controversial, especially regarding the existence of a second shooter who was never identified. Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted as the man whose shot killed Kennedy. 

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