9 Shocking Facts about Catholicism

Posted Apr 23, by Greg Porter

No, not the  TV show of questionable quality, but rather the scientific theory that the Universe was created through an explosion that resulted in the Universe being the way we know it now. 

That idea was first published by a Belgian priest named Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Edouard Lemaitre. He was also an astronomer and professor of physics at a Catholic university. He also was the first to develop Hubble Law and the Hubble constant. He published his information in 1927, which was two years before Edwin Hubble published his findings.


The Devil’s Advocate, Advocate Diaboli, is an essential part of the beatification and canonization process.

Also known as the Promotor Fidei or “Promoter of the Faith”, the Devil’s Advocate has to make arguments against the Catholic Church’s decision to grant someone sainthood.

This would including disproving the existence of miracle’s surrounding the sainthood candidate’s life and death, and attempting to find selfish reasons for the candidate’s seemingly heroic actions

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Blue was the color originally associated with St. Patrick's Day.

"St. Patrick's Blue" is still used for both Ireland's Presidential flag and on the plumes of the Irish Guardsmen's hats. Unfortunately, blue was up against some difficult competition in maintaining its associations, not only to the saint, but also to the rest of the Irish nation! Green is the color of the Irish countryside and the reason Ireland has the nickname the "Emerald Isle."

St. Patrick himself used a green shamrock to represent the Catholic Holy Trinity. The wearing of these plants on the holiday eventually grew into a single hue being representative of Irish Catholics politically. The 'wearing o' the green' was a powerful symbol during Ireland's quest for independence and continues to be practiced on March 17th each year throughout the Western world.

If you\'re still in the holiday season for whatever reason, check out this this list of St. Patrick\'s day facts.

There\'s also this History Channel video about the color green\'s connection to St. Patrick\'s Day.

The Vatican would baptize aliens!

The senior Vatican scientist, brother Guy Consolmagno, says he is hopeful of aliens visiting our planet and would want to baptize them. In a recent interview, Consolmagno said that if humanity somehow found aliens, he’d be open to baptizing them. That is, if they asked to be baptized. The Church is open to the idea of intelligent life outside Earth. After all, Consolomagno says, God is bigger than humanity.

He also dismissed Creationism, the literal belief in Chapter 1 of Genesis, which says that God created everything in seven days, and has stated that science and religion can work together. 

While to some it may seem odd that the Catholic Church would have scientists. There is a Papal academy of Science that keeps the Pope and other important priests up to date on the latest scientific developments. Stephen Hawking is even one of the members! Read more on the Church and aliens here! 


In Vatican City and the Philippines you’re still not allowed to get a divorce! Although every other country has criteria that allow for a divorce of some sort, these are the only two that still don’t allow it.

The Vatican has a population of fewer than one thousand, but sticking to Catholic doctrine, none are allowed a divorce if they wish for it.

In the Philippines divorce is illegal for anyone living in the country. Annulments are possible under certain situations, but can take up to two years and cost nearly a year’s salary. There are only a few exceptions with Muslims who are allowed to divorce. s


Tyndale was a scholar and translator and a leading figure in the Protestant Reform. He translated parts of the Bible from its original Greek and Hebrew into English.

He was the first to directly translate from the original text to English. He took advantage the new printing method that allowed him to distribute his work. The Roman Catholic Church took it as a direct threat as well as the English church and state.

Tyndale wrote a paper opposing the King’s divorce, too! He was arrested and put in jail in 1533. He was tried for heresy and choked, impaled, and burnt on the stake in 1536 for his actions. It is estimated that the King James Version of the Bible is 83% Tyndale’s in the New Testament translation and 76% his in the Old Testament.


\"\" The youngest pope, Pope Benedict IX, may have been just 11 when he was elected to the papacy.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says that he may have been as old as 18-20 years of age, while other historians peg Benedict as being 11 when he was made the pope. Either way, this makes Pope Benedict IX the youngest pope ever. Also of note: Pope Benedict IX served three terms as pope! His first and second terms ended with his being expelled from the papacy and him putting the papacy up for sale, respectively. This makes Pope Benedict IX the first and only pope to sell his position to another pope, as well as earning him the record for most terms served as pope (3 terms), beating the previous record of...one. This pope was also also accused of partaking in “many adulteries and murders”. They just don’t make popes like that anymore.

A chapel in the Czech Republic uses 40,000-70,000 HUMAN SKELETONS as decoration.

The most prominent decoration is a gigantic chandelier made from at least one of every bone in the human body!

The Sedlec Ossuary is a small Roman Catholic Chapel located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, Czech Republic. In the late 13th century, Henry, the abbot of the neighboring monastery, took a pilgrimage to Jerusalem by order of the king of Bohemia.

Upon his return, he sprinkled dirt from Golgotha (the hill on which Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified) upon the Sedlec cemetery - which is the reason this site became an extraordinarily popular burial location.

The Vatican has a crime rate of 133.6%

With a population of just over 500, the percent of offenses per resident becomes absurdly high. Statistics show that in one year in Vatican City there were 397 civil offenses and 608 penal offenses. That means there are actually more annual offenses than people in the Vatican. Of course, most of the perpetrators and victims of crimes there are from visiting tourists. The most widespread crimes are petty theft, and 90% of them are never solved. The last really serious crime was in 1998, when a member of the Swiss Guard killed his commander, his commander’s wife, and himself.

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