13 James Bond Facts You Should Know

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George Lazenby got the role of James Bond by lying about being an actor!

George Lazenby, like most males around the world, fell in love with James Bond the moment that he laid his eyes on him. George fell for Bond’s charm, his spy gadgets, and his ability to make any woman that he came into contact with fall in love with him. George Lazenby wanted to become Bond.

However, George had never acted before, and had not taken any form of acting lessons. He just wanted to play Bond more than anyone that he knew. He even went as far as to get a suit, Rolex watch, and a haircut to match Sean Connery, the man who played the original Bond. He went to the building where the auditions for the next Bond film were and ran past the secretary up into the audition room and famously said “I heard you’re looking for James Bond”.

He then told the producers that he had acted in movies all around the world so they would be unable to look him up! He eventually told the director that he wasn’t an actor, but they hired him anyway! The director was impressed with George’s ability to fool everyone at the audition!


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