8 Bizarre Facts About World War II

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The youngest serving soldier during World War 2 was 12!

His name was Calvin Graham, and he enlisted in the Navy on May 1942, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The kid had an active role in the battle of Guadalcanal, serving aboard the USS South Dakota. He helped in the fire control efforts aboard the ship, something that earned him the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

His mom revealed his age, and was put in a brig for three months. He was released when his sister threatened to tell the newspapers. He was released and dishonorably discharged for lying about his age. His medals were taken from him.

He joined the marines when he was 17 but broke his back 3 years later. He spent the rest of his life fighting for medical benefits and a clean record.  Finally, in 1988, after years of trying, he wrote to Congress telling them his story, and he was reinstated of all his medals, except for the Purple Heart.


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