10 Horrifying and Creepy Facts You Will Never Forget

Posted Jan 07, by Jose Duarte

This is going to get creepy fast. In the 1880s and 1890s the family of George and Mary brown of Exeter, Massachusetts suffered a sequence of tuberculosis, called consumption at the time, infections. Mary, the mother, was the first to die and then their eldest daughter, Mary Olive, died in 1888. Their son, Edwin, then caught the infectious disease in 1890. Sadly, in 1891, another daughter, Mercy, became infected and died of the disease in January of 1892.

She was buried in the Baptist Church cemetery in Exeter. People began talking about one of the family members being a vampire, as folklore went at the time that if multiple family members died of a disease, then a family member must have been involved in undead activities. George Brown was persuaded to exhume the bodies of his family members in March 1892. While his wife and daughter, Mary Olive, were considerably decomposed, Mercy was still quite preserved and still had some blood in her heart, because they didn’t embalm most people back then.

So, the villagers took that as a sign that Mercy was a vampire and the reason Edwin was sick. Mercy’s heart was removed from her chest, burned, and the ashes mixed with tea and given to Edwin to drink to cure his ailment. He died two months later.


69-year-old Sonny Graham received a life saving heart transplant after another man named Terry Cottle committed suicide.

Cottle's shot himself, leaving behind a widow, four children, and a perfectly good heart that was sent to Graham.

Graham was so thankful for having his life saved that he wrote a letter to Cottle's family thanking them for his generous donation.

Eventually Graham met Cottle's widow and claimed it was love at first sight.

"I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I just stared."

They began dating and were eventually married. Strange? It gets weirder. After a total of twelve years had passed since Graham received the heart, his widow received a call that her second husband had just shot himself in the exact same circumstances as her first!

Get ready, because the story gets just downright creepy. Graham had Cottle's heart inside of him, shot himself in the same way, in the same circumstances, and also committed suicide on the exact same day!

Friends of Graham said he had never shown signs of being depressed and this was completely out of the blue. While the story is extremely sad, the coincides are just eerie.


Rodney James Alcala was a convicted rapist and sex offender when he was accepted as a contestant to the reality TV show, the Dating Game. It was 1978 when he made his television debut. By that time he was already a murderer, having killed two women in California and possibly two other in New York. 

Nevertheless, Alcala was introduced like a normal guy as "...a successful photographer who got his start when his father found him in the darkroom at the age of 13, fully developed.” The hobbies listed for Alcala were not torture and murder as would have been more accurate, but rather skydiving and motorcycling. Still, contestants knew something was off about Alcala. 

Bachelor #2 Jed Mills, an actor, remembered that the man was really strange with a weird viewpoint on things. The bachelorette refused to go on a date with Alcala, because she thought he was creepy. It turns out she was right, but according to criminal profiler Pat Brown, the bachelorette’s refusal may have driven Alcala to kill several more women! 


"Storage Wars" is a reality show on A&E that follows five people as they bid on storage units that are being auctioned off. In California, where the show is filmed, storage units go on the auction block after 3 months rent has been missed on them. 

Each person has their nickname and Darrell Sheets is known as “The Gambler” and often works with his son, Brandon, at the auctions. Two spin-off shows are in the works in New York and Texas. Darrell has been bidding on storage units for 32 years. Some of his greatest findings included a big comic book collection, four drawings by Picasso, and a letter written by Abraham Lincoln that sold for $15,000. 

His creepiest finding, however, was a dead body that he found in a unit he bought. The corpse was wrapped in plastic. Darrell called the police and after interviewing him, he was determined to not be a suspect. The police determined that the previous owner of the locker murdered his wife and stuck her in the storage unit. 


It might seem a little strange that the head of a king was in the attic of a tax collector, instead of located on his buried body. The explanation is no less strange. 

King Henry IV ruled France from 1589 to his death in 1610. Many attempts had been made on his life as king. One such attempt left him with a gash across his upper lip. 

While in Paris in 1610, his carriage was stopped in the congested streets and he was assassinated. It was expected for him to be buried at the Basilica of St. Denis, north of Paris, where nearly every French king had been buried since 900 AD. 

His body was embalmed and interred with the kings before him, and was left alone for almost two centuries. In 1793, during the French Revolution, a number of unusual decrees were issued (such as changing calendars and clocks). 

One of these ordered the destruction of all royal tombs, including the one Henry IV was in. A mob tore through the crypt and pulled apart the royal corpses. They were carried outside and had quicklime poured over them to make them decompose faster. 

As a result, most of the bones at St. Denis were lost. For a while, it was thought that no royal remains survived the French Revolution, but rumors continued to creep up. In 1919, the head of Henry IV was found and sold at an auction. Joseph-Emile Bourdais, the photographer who purchased it, could not convince any museums it was authentic. 

When Joseph-Emile died, his widow then sold the head in 1955 to a tax collector named Jacques Bellanger. There the head remained until a journalist looked at it in 2010, and it was confirmed to be that of Henry IV. 


The Sheepshead is a species of fish that is found in the Southern parts of the United States. They feed on shrimp, sandfleas, clams, and crabs. What do these things have in common? They tend to have harder shells. 

In order to be able to eat them, the Sheepshead has developed stubby teeth that look human! The stubby form of their teeth allow them to more easily crush their prey. Check out the source for more creepy pics!

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The Nine Inch Nails album The Downward Spiral was recorded in the house where actress Sharon Tate was murdered by the followers of Charles Manson.

Despite the house's notoriety, band frontman Trent Reznor insists that it was not chosen due to its reputation. "I looked at a lot of places, and this just happened to be the one I liked most," he claimed. Remarkably, Reznor had already moved into the house at 10050 Cielo Drive before a friend discovered its tragic history!

Initially, even Trent himself was a bit creeped out by his new home's violent past, but he eventually embraced the space, even nicknaming his living room studio "Pig" after the bloody message once scrawled on the house's front door. Reznor ended up staying at the Tate house from July 1992 until December 1994 and completed The Downward Spiral during 1993. Manson and his former manager are also likely to have been the house's final residents, as it was torn down shortly after they moved out.

The last known person to be photographed with John Lennon was Mark David Chapman, his future assassin.

On the last afternoon of Lennon's life, he and his wife Yoko Ono left their hotel and were greeted by their good friend, photographer Paul Goresh. As Goresh was showing them some recent snapshots, a man by the name of Mark David Chapman silently presented Lennon with a copy of his album Double Fantasy.

As Lennon signed the record, Goresh took a few more snapshots - one of which captured part of Chapman's face! Lennon returned the signed album to Chapman, who accepted it and walked away without a word. Less than seven hours later, this very same man would end John Lennon's life.

Check out the HowStuffWorks article on the Lennon assassination for the full story behind that day, including some creepy quotes from Chapman.

A British artist has made fake eyelashes out of fly legs.

Jessica Harrison has actually made a bunch of really odd and unsettling fashion innovations. She\'s also created \"mouth eyes\" which make eyelids look like lips. Check out this video of mouth eyes if you want, but be warned: it\'s really creepy.

She\'s also taken a stab at furniture design, by making hairy chairs and a flesh-covered chest of drawers. You can see more of her artwork on her website.


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