11 Things You Didn't Know About Your Body!

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You have between 2 and 5 pounds of bacteria in your body!

According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) of Maryland, every person hosts 2-5 pounds of live bacteria inside. Of course when the word “bacteria” is mentioned, you instantly think of little bastards that cause illnesses like cholera, typhoid, or scarlet fever. However, some of them are actually helpful, and we even depend on them for our survival.

For instance, a type of bacteria found in yogurt (lactobacili) is proven to be useful for easing diarrhea caused by antibiotics. In fact, the largest population of bacteria in our bodies is found in the intestines. You might quit cleaning yourself with that soap from head to toe. Or you can simply eat more yogurt. If you’re going to have them anyway, you can at least keep the good ones at balance.


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