16 Sex Facts That Might Ruin It For You

Posted Mar 04, by Jose Duarte
Men can be allergic to their own semen.

This bizarre condition, called post orgasmic illness syndrome, gives male sufferers flu-like symptoms immediately after they climax! These symptoms can last up to a week and include fevers, tiredness, burning eyes, and a runny nose. Recent studies suggest that the condition is indeed an allergy and not psychologically based. A treatment called hypsosensitation therapy can reduce the impact of the symptoms, but few men come forward for treatment because they do not realize that illness is an actual medical condition!

Men produce better sperm when watching porn depicting multiple men.

This actually holds true for males of many species. When surrounded by other competing males, an individual male’s sperm quality will increase to compensate for the competition. This increases his likelihood of procreating. In a study, heterosexual men provided semen samples while looking at explicit pictures of either two men with a woman or three women. Though the sperm counts didn’t differ between the two testing groups, the men looking at the images of two men produced higher quality sperm.

Cocaine can attach itself to a drug user's sperm.

A study found that direct exposure to cocaine by sperm cells lead to trace elements of cocaine binding themselves to the cells. Conceivably this could lead to an embryo being exposed to cocaine..

Still, there is no evidence that the presence of cocaine in sperm either damages the sperm or slows down its movement. Nor is there evidence yet that cocaine use in fathers leads to birth defects or developmental problems. Some studies have shown that parental cocaine use in rats can make it harder for their offspring to navigate mazes.

On the other hand, men who drink excessively tend to father children with lower birth weights. Mothers who consume cocaine can cause severe disabilities in their children.

You can read more about the study here. Or, you can just take our word for it that regardless of the effects it has on sperm, doing cocaine is a bad idea.

A man has been accused of handing out yogurt samples tainted with his own semen!

32-year-old Anthony Garcia appears to be the type of person you’d expect to be from a state called “Ew Sex Icko” instead of the state that rhymes with that phrase. Garcia was recently indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of adulterating food and making false statements to federal investigators. The accusations come from a woman who was handed a yogurt sample containing Garcia’s bodily fluid at the Albuquerque market where he worked. Suspecting this to be the case the customer contacted the authorities, who determined that the yogurt in question did indeed contain human cultures, and a subsequent DNA case showed that the fluid came from Garcia himself! Anthony’s record shows that this sort of indecent behavior is nothing new for him - over the past decade he has been arrested at least three different times for indecent exposure and masturbating in public. If convicted, Anthony Garcia could face as long as eight years behind bars.

A Sudanese man really did marry a goat.

In 2006, a man named in South Sudan named Charles Tombe was caught having sex with a goat when he was drunk. As punishment for violating a farmer’s livestock, he had to pay for the goat. The local elders of Juba, Sudan decided to have some fun at Tombe’s expense. Since local laws force men to marry girls that they have sex with, they decided to make Tombe pay the farmer a “dowry” and marry the violated goat to restore the goat’s honor.

To go along with the joke, they even gave Mr. Tombe’s bride a name, “Rosa”. Essentially, Tombe’s punishment was being forced to buy the goat, and the “marriage” was designed to embarrass him some more. The story made the local news in South Sudan’s Juba Post. Oddly enough, this local Sudanese joke story went viral and found its way onto major news websites all around the world. The Juba Post’s editor was surprised by this, and was concerned that this light-hearted and weird story would end up tarnishing the image of South Sudan internationally.

So, how long did the “marriage” last between Charles and Rosa Tombe? They had a lot of trouble early on: Rosa gave birth to a son and Charles was not the father (obviously). Then, about 1 year into the marriage, Rosa died trying to eat a plastic bag. Charles Tombe currently takes care of Rosa’s son.

The game, called “We Dare,” features players doing all sorts of ridiculous gestures, from kissing their remote with a partner to sliding it down their pants to complete various tasks! The game is apparently so racy that the developer refuses to bring it stateside - it’s only available in Europe! Even the YouTube videos of the game’s ad campaign have been region-restricted, but fortunately the folks at IGN have uploaded it themselves for your entertainment! 

Is this really even a ‘game’? 
Smoking can shorten a man's penis.

The effect is similar to smoking's effect on a person's heart. The blood vessels within the penis are constricted, which allows for decreased blood flow. This lessened flow has a negative effect on the elasticity of the penis and prevents it from achieving its full length once erect. Studies have shown that over time, these effects can reduce the overall length by as much as 1 cm!

According to one researcher, smoking has more direct harmful impact on the penis than it does on the heart!

After suffering a knife wound to the stomach while performing fellatio, a teenager in Lesotho became pregnant in 1988 despite being born without a vagina.

Doctors in Lesotho were puzzled when they discovered that a 15 year old patient going into labor did not have a vagina. The girl suffered from a rare birth defect called Mullerian agenesis. They found out that she conceived her child when a jealous ex stabbed her after performing fellatio on her new boyfriend. Apparently, she got stabbed while on an empty stomach, so she did not have enough gastric acids to kill all the sperm, and the stab wounds opened up a path to her uterus, where she got impregnated. 

Sperm can last a long time, so be careful.


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The daughter has been impregnated by her 15-year-old boyfriend of a few months and is due to give birth sometime in August. Coincidentally, the grandfather-to-be was also 14 years old when his daughter was born! The family must be genetically predisposed to teen pregnancy or something, because he was also born when his mother was 18. The man's grandmother and great-grandmother are also alive, meaning that whenever the baby is born, the family will have representatives from SIX generations alive at one time!

\"\" In the 1970s, a Barbie doll was released that could grow breasts!

This doll, Growing Up Skipper, was released in 1975 amid a lot of controversy. This doll was Barbie’s younger sister, who could go through puberty by rotating her left arm (and revert by rotating it back). In addition to having her breasts get larger, Skipper would get a little taller and her waist would shrink. This line of Skipper dolls discontinued in 1977. From then on Skipper, who was originally intended to be the little sister that Barbie had to babysit, would be depicted as a teenager. Oddly enough, the original Barbie was supposed to be a teenager, and Skipper was made as a reaction to complaints that Barbie was being presented as overly sexualized.

Check out this short biography cataloguing Barbie\'s early history. You can also see the early Skipper dolls on this page.

This vid creeps me out a little:

A New Jersey Presbyterian minister called Sylvester Graham developed the graham cracker in 1829. While the crackers are often used to make s’mores and pie nowadays, they were initially developed for an entirely different use. 

Marketed as “Dr. Graham’s Honey Buckets,” the sweet crackers were supposed to be a health food that would suppress unhealthy “carnal urges.” Graham believed that if he could get people to eat bland foods it would curb their sexual appetite, in turn making them a better person. 

While this theory did not exactly turn out to be true, another man, John Harvey Kellogg, also shared his idea. He went on to invent corn flakes cereal. Both the crackers and the cereal caught on and became some of the best selling foods in America, so they must have done something right! 

A woman in China and her boyfriend were taking part in a passionate kissing session. Apparently, the boyfriend managed to rupture her eardrum with a kiss! The passionate kissing the guy did reduced the pressure of the woman's mouth, which pulled her eardrum out. This caused her eardrum to rupture and her to lose part of her hearing! She was taken to the hospital, completely deaf from her left ear.


Believe it or not, it exists. It's called Vulva Original, and they market it not as a perfume, but as a scent that people are supposed to apply one or two drops at a time. 

They market the product as both for men and women, to use for different types of purposes. It costs 24.50€ per vial. Though they assure that they follow strict terms of reference in the cosmetic insdustry, all they reveal is that it contains real organic parts. 

If you're not weirded out yet and you're not a minor want to learn more about this, go to the site to get more info.


Diphallus is a rare condition in which a man's penis is duplicated.

The first known case of this condition was reported in 1609. Typically only one of the organs is fully formed, but there have been occurrences in which both penises are fully functional! This strange disorder affects an estimated 1 in 5.5 million men.

It\'s very uncommon for both penises in diphallus to be fully functional. Usually one of them only has rudimentary functionality. While it might sound awesome, most people would rather not have it. In 2006, for instance, an Indian man in Uttar Pradesh had his second penis surgically removed

For more info about diphallus check out this scientific journal article. There\'s also a Wikipedia article on the subject. For more information on the recent example in India here\'s the full Reuters story.


For every 35 pounds a man loses, he gains one inch in penis length.

That’s according to Dr. Mehmet Oz. He dropped this bombshell during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show (read more about his interview here), and also offered some more weight-loss facts. It turns out that having more sex is good for losing weight. While the actual amount of calories burned during intercourse is negligible (about as many calories as a slice of bread), the side-effect is that it reduces your appetite by releasing oxytocin.

Dr. Oz probably should have mentioned that a man’s penis doesn’t grow when he loses weight. It stays the same size, but you get to see more of it and use more of it when there’s less fat covering it up. A person who isn’t overweight already won’t see these benefits if he decides to lose 35 pounds. To learn more about how that works, and see a nifty chart, check out this article.

Daggering is an erotic dance where couples simulate dry sex in different positions to the beat of the music. Doctors began issuing a warning, though, when couples took the dance to the bedroom.

Men have had disastrous results from the activity with many incurring fractured penises. The dance has been around for years in the clubs, but was finally given a name. Many say it is a very degrading dance for women and extremely rough.


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