The scientific name for 'morning wood' is "nocturnal penile tumescence"

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These are the best facts to show that sex can be hilarious

It's not some ancient Chinese tradition, but it does have something to do with Chinese culture. In a culture that values honor as much as the Chinese culture does, the more people attend someone's funeral, the more the dead person is honored. 

In order to draw larger crowds to funerals, a few people started organizing funerals that involved a striptease performance! The authorities considered this to be "obscene performances" and arrested 5 people in a rural area for organizing the nudie funerals. 


The world's largest breast implants are size 38KKK.

Sheyla Hershey is a 28-year-old Brazilian model who lives in Houston. Sheyla has had over 18 separate plastic surgeries, but her major claim to fame took place last year when she upgraded her cup size to KKK! (a rather unfortunate size name).

Before the procedure, Hershey's breasts were only 34FFF (that's a full gallon of silicone!) last May, so she decided to go under the knife once more because, well...that's what she does. Unfortunately for her, Texas law limits the amount of silicone a person can put in their body (too much of it CAN kill you), so what did Sheyla do? Why, she returned home to Brazil to have the surgery done there, of course!

As it turns out, the Texas law was enacted for a reason. After ballooning her bosom, Sheyla suffered severe staph and strep infections for months. This led to the removal of all FOUR of her implants, and nearly led to a mastectomy!

Sheyla is not phased, however - she plans to allow her body to heal for about three months, and then she expects to risk her life once more by having the KKK implants replaced. Her reasoning? "You have to stay two years to keep a world record. I only stayed three months because of my infection."

You can also check out her website for updates on her career and surgeries.

Are you the kind of person who finds it’s hard to express yourself? Well the new Intimacy 2.0 may help in making your feelings more transparent. This fashion/technological breakthrough measures the heart-rate of the wears and adjusts its transparency accordingly. 

In a bar-like situation, a conversation with a charming partner that causes the wear’s heart to race may cause the dress to show more skin whereas one with someone who is dull and boring may keep everything behind curtains. 

Its designer, Daan Roosegaarde constructed it out of leather and smart e-foils that are opaque. This dress is another unconventional addition to fashion, alongside dresses made from chocolate and paper. 

The Intimacy 2.0 has already won a string of awards and created explosive media buzz. This dress does explore the merger between fashion and technology like the new Google glasses exploit, but on the less obvious side, it also shows how fashion is essentially a social tool, and how styles adjust themselves to the social climate. 

While it covers up our bodies, clothing is meant to give others a glimpse into what lies underneath, which in turn facilitates social interaction. In our age of efficiency and sexual/romantic freedom, this dress may lead to more straightforward and quicker beginnings to relationships. 


From 1756 to 1898 the University’s motto read Sine Moribus Vanae. The motto comes from Horace’s III.24 that says “of what avail empty laws without good morals?” But it could be translated as “Loose women without morals!”

When the University realized the mistake, they immediately changed it to “literae sine moribus vanae” which reads “letters without morals are useless.” Then in 1932 the entire seal was revised and they redesigned the motto again to say “leges sine moribus vanae” which reads “laws without morals are useless.” They changed it because they said that the first changed mottomutilated Horace.


“But wait”, you must be thinking, “you can regrow sperm, so what’s the point?” Well, unlike other stories of bizarre celebrity body part insurance*, Roth’s insurance policy isn’t designed to protect him from sickness or catastrophic injury. With this policy, Roth will receive $1,000,000 in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. This way, if he makes a baby on accident, he has a million dollars that he can rely on to cover child support.

This may seem ridiculous, but remember that at the time (the 80s) David Lee Roth was in the hottest band in the world, and he looked like this, not like this . Losing all of his Van Halen earnings to a groupie was actually a legitimate fear back then. Still, you have to wonder, what’s wrong with just using condoms? The money he spent on the insurance policy could have been invested in a David Lee Roth IRA

*For more bizarre celebrity insurance policies check out Gawker, Cracked, and the Independent


The scientific name for ‘morning wood’ is “nocturnal penile tumescence”.

Morning wood is actually just the leftovers from what happens at night. Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is a natural part of the male sleep cycle, occurring most frequently during the REM cycle in which we dream. The average night of sleep for a male between 13 and 79 years old involves 90 minutes of erection, or about 20% of overall sleep time. Females also experience a related vaginal lubrication during their dreaming states, but neither phenomenon is related to sexual activity during the day. The fact that this happens can also be a contentious legal issue. You can read more about that in this article.

NPT is actually helpful when trying to determine the cause of erectile dysfunction. When a man’s erectile dysfunction is psychological in origin, NPT still occurs. Doctors can use electronic monitoring on a sleeping patient to see if they have nighttime erections (WebMD)

A Taiwanese woman married herself.

On November 16 of this year, a bride was left standing at the altar...and could not have been more happy about that fact! 30-year-old office worker Chen Wei-yih sees this act as a commitment to love herself before she can begin to love others. The ceremony was a full wedding with all the usual components - save a groom. Chen has been in several relationships and does not consider this marriage to be binding, meaning that she will still be free to marry whomever she chooses once she feels the time is right. (source)

\"\" Wedgies can cause testicular damage.

There is at least one reported case of testicular damage resulting from the popular schoolyard prank. Jack Watson, boy in Lincolnshire, England, nearly lost a testicle in 2004 when one of his friends at school gave him a wedgie. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors spent an hour reattaching his testicle to his scrotum. Afterward, he said that the wedgie still hurt.

Licorice has been used a lot for medicinal effect. Herbalists use it to treat the adrenal glands, and Chinese medicine uses it in a variety of treatments. However, it also has another use. 

Research has found that when people eat around 25g of licorice, it can affect sex drive. Licorice contains Glycerrhizinic Acid. This acid inhibits the liver's ability to deactivate cortisol incirculation. The result of this is that the cortisol levels rise, and that reduces the action of testosterone. This in turn, reduces sex drive.


Ben Clifford Dawson was running for city council in Iowa when he offered to lower a woman’s loan debt in exchange for him performing sex acts on her!

Even though the woman said no, Dawson clutched and kissed her on the neck anyway! After spending 10 days in jail, Dawson was released after posting $2000 in bail money. It’s unclear how this will effect his standings in the election but the odds are slim.


A writer was fired from Disney for jokingly suggesting that a 'porn Disney flick' be made.

A few hours into his his FIRST day of work, Harlan Ellison and a few of his fellow writers headed off to lunch. While they were eating, Ellison started kidding around. He playfully suggested that they should make a Disney porno and began acting out the film in the voices of classic Disney characters. Despite the unprofessional nature of such a conversation, there was nothing inherently wrong with this...except for one thing - Walt's Disney's older brother was within earshot!

Roy Disney and several other heads were sitting at a nearby table and could hear Ellison's conversation. Ellison claims that when he returned to his office that afternoon, he found a pink slip on his desk and the name on his parking space had already been whited out!

Our conclusion - Ellison must have been fired because Disney would never come out and be OVERTLY sexual like that...they prefer to drop subtle hints!


In 2008, 18,000 breast reduction surgeries were performed...on American men.

The number of male breast reduction procedures in England increased from 323 in 2008 to 581 the following year. That's an 80% increase! That makes it the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the UK. It's even more popular in the US. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast reduction is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery for men, behind nosejobs, eyelid surgery, and liposuction! Some surgeons say that new types of men's magazines are responsible for the increased prevalence of such cosmetic operations. Combine this with the prevalence of obesity (a common cause of \"gynecomastia\", or excess breast tissue) and you find that more and more men are unhappy with the size of their breasts.

Gynecomastia can also be a side effect of certain prescription medications, or can even show up as a result of using drugs like heroin, methadone, and marijuana.

Depending on the size and type of condom being used (lubricated, unlubricated, thin, regular, standard size, magnum, etc.) a condom can carry between 2 ½ gallons to 7 gallons of liquid.

To put this into perspective, the average ejaculation produces about half an ounce of fluid. At 128 ounces in a gallon, the largest condoms can hold 1,792 times the amount of fluid that it actually needs to.

This was all discovered as part of an experiment that you could do at home. Check out how it was done here.

In William Shakespeare’s time, the word “nothing” was slang for vagina.

The reason for this strange nickname is because this part of the female sexual organ is round like a zero (0). Other fun Elizabethan terms included: “thing” for penis, “merry” when someone was sexually aroused, and “country matters,” which referred to matters pertaining to a women’s genitals. Something that the unacquainted may miss about Shakespeare is that his plays were often full of dirty jokes, using now-outdated slang, or simply jump making up his own words. The folks at Cracked have even suggested that he would make a great Cracked writer if he were alive today.

A woman once had sex with 919 men in a single day.

Amazingly, she accomplished the feat in only TWELVE hours! That averages out to one man every 45 seconds, nonstop! This disgusting feat was achieved on October 16, 2004 by American adult film star Lisa Sparxxx as part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship. The event was part of Eroticon, a porn convention in Warsaw, Poland.

The competition was between Ms. Sparxx and two other women. One of them was the previous record-holder, who had sex with "only" 759 men in a day.

In addition to referees, six cameras were used to carefully record the event! Sparxxx ended up beating her nearest competitor by 21 men.

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