17 Sex Facts You Seriously Will Not Believe

Posted Apr 04, by Jose Duarte

You would think that more 'liberal' countries like the United States or the United Kingdom would be at the top of these rankings, but the top ten is actually comprised of mostly Middle East, European and Asian countries.

After Pakistan, Vietnam came in 2nd place, while India and Egypt were in 3rd and 4th place. Eight out of the top ten countries were either Asian or Middle Eastern nations. Maybe they just don’t have sex education in their schools and they're curious? What do you think?.



Bibles in hotels is something you're probably extremely familiar with if you've ever stayed in a hotel. The owner of the Damson Dene Hotel in England, however, decided to upend this tradition for something more… porny.

He replaced the Bibles in his room for copies of international best seller and BDSM soft-porn Fifty Shades of Grey in his hotel's nightstands. The man said he had originally thought about putting the famous Ayn Rand novel Altas Shrugged, but decided on the former Twilight-Fanfiction because it was so popular.

The owner bought this hotel from a Methodist group. He says he hopes that people who are shy about reading the book in public will enjoy having it near their bedsides.

What ONE book would you put in nightstands if you owned a hotel?


Men produce better sperm when watching porn depicting multiple men.

This actually holds true for males of many species. When surrounded by other competing males, an individual male’s sperm quality will increase to compensate for the competition. This increases his likelihood of procreating. In a study, heterosexual men provided semen samples while looking at explicit pictures of either two men with a woman or three women. Though the sperm counts didn’t differ between the two testing groups, the men looking at the images of two men produced higher quality sperm.

It turns out that the name Magnum is mostly just a marketing scheme. The name and branding of Magnum makes guys feel like they need bigger condoms than normal. Trojan hopes that branding them as bigger will make men prefer the brand more than other brands. 

In reality, Magnums are a mere 0.32-inches longer than regular Trojans and BOTH are 2 inches wide at the base. The main difference between Magnums and regular condoms are in the width of the shaft, with the Magnums being 0.5-inches wider at the head than regular Trojans.

A funny side-note, a rival brand, LifeStyles, has a brand called "King XL." The stats for those are the same as REGULAR Trojans. Psychology can be the darndest thing!


\"\" In 2005, a Brazilian woman sued her partner for failing to give her orgasms!

In the court case, the 31-year-old woman from the city of Jundiaí claimed that her lover frequently stopped having sex with her once he himself had reached an orgasm. The woman was trying to form a case around the assumption that her 38-year-old partner routinely did not allow her climax sexually. As you might expect, her case was found to have no grounds and was eventually thrown out.


It’s called Couvade Syndrome, or Sympathetic Pregnancy Syndrome, and symptoms can mimic those suffered by the pregnant woman! This usually happens during the partner’s third month and as the mother’s problems advance, the father’s can too, including weight gain, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and even morning sickness!
Fathers who experience Couvade are advised to become more involved in the spouse’s pregnancy and to do anything that can alleviate anxiety. Men who suffer are usually found in societies that accept Couvade Syndrome, and its incidence is highest among couples with a history of infertility. 

Pornography is available everywhere today. Magazines, film, books, and of course the internet. In 2006, the internet division of the industry made nearly 5 billion dollars. 

Thanks to search engines like Google, all it takes is typing a single word to find something on the internet- including more adult subjects. It’s estimated that one fourth of all internet searches are pornography related. 

About 13% of Americans view pornography regularly, and three fourths of them are men. The exact number on how many people search every second can be misleading though. The number was determined by looking at certain keywords and how often they were searched. 

The problem is the keywords can often be coincidental in their relation to adult searches, and so the figure could be much lower. This number also isn’t very accurate in representing how many people visit porn sites on the Internet, because it excludes those who visit specific sites, and only includes those who search it in Google outright. 


Men average less than 3 hours of orgasm over their entire lifetime.

Singapore Gleneagles Hospital gynecologist Dr. Fang Zhuang Wei said that because of our busy modern lifestyle, couples are typically sexually active only before and immediately after their marriage. For instance, if a man has an average orgasm of about 2.5 seconds over 40 years (from age 18 to 58), having sex twice weekly with his wife would result in two hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds of orgasm in his lifetime!


\"\" Economists have noticed that skirts get shorter when the economy is better, and longer when the economy is worse.

This is the “Hemline Index” a theory first conceived in the 1920s by economist George Taylor. Later research has also shown that there more unexpected correlations with the economy than just skirt lengths. Typically, popular songs in troubled economic times tend to be longer, slower, and more meaningful than the faster, upbeat songs of better economic times. Older, heavier, and more mature actresses and models rise in popularity in tough economic times. Bad economies also correspond with declining sales of tobacco, deodorant, and steak. People also cut their hair shorter.

There are exceptions to every rule though. For instance, beer, pasta, and chocolate appear to be recession-proof.

The women have been told by the government that these garments must be worn to reduce accidents and be visible to traffic. The fine for forgoing the vest is 40 Euros or approximately 50 dollars. However, this is not the first incident of reflective vest laws in Spain!

Originally enacted by ignored in 2004, all pedestrians near highways and urban areas must wear the same reflective vests that the women must don now! Do you agree with this law or do you think it doesn’t make a difference? Tell us in the comments below!


South Korea has a sex theme park.

This park, called Jeju Loveland, is located on Jeju Island, just off the coast of the Korean mainland. Jeju is a popular honeymoon destination for newlywed couples because, prior to the past decade, most could not travel abroad for financial and political reasons. In 2002, a group of graduates from South Korea's most prestigious fine arts school, Hongik University, had the bright idea to produce sexually-themed artwork for Jeju's young lovers. This was apparently considered to be a novel idea, especially because it could ease any potential awkwardness between partners in the bedroom. This self-consciousness can be even more pronounced for South Koreans because many of the couples have entered into arranged marriages.

Jeju Loveland officially opened for...business...in 2004, boasting a collection of 140 pieces of lewd art! There are also live nude models, sex toy exhibitions, and pornographic film showings. And last but not least, as with most theme parks, Jeju Loveland has its own mascots: a yellow-mittened penis named Bulkkeuni, and Ssakekeuni, a vagina sporting an large, floppy hat with a bow! Walt Disney, eat your heart out?

Read more about Jeju Loveland in this article and don\'t forget to check out the theme park\'s photo gallery.

Cyros International, the world’s largest sperm bank, has started turning away red headed donors.  The low demand for red headed babies apparently has roots that go far back.  


Ancient Egyptians were said to have buried redheaded men alive and in medieval times, red hair was associated with moral degradation and intense sexual desire. Redheads were  even regarded as vampires, werewolves and witches. During the Spanish Inquisition red heads were singled out for persecution, believing their hair to be sure sign that they stole the fires of hell.


The good news is that there is still one country where red headed babies are in high demand: Ireland!


A Sudanese man really did marry a goat.

In 2006, a man named in South Sudan named Charles Tombe was caught having sex with a goat when he was drunk. As punishment for violating a farmer’s livestock, he had to pay for the goat. The local elders of Juba, Sudan decided to have some fun at Tombe’s expense. Since local laws force men to marry girls that they have sex with, they decided to make Tombe pay the farmer a “dowry” and marry the violated goat to restore the goat’s honor.

To go along with the joke, they even gave Mr. Tombe’s bride a name, “Rosa”. Essentially, Tombe’s punishment was being forced to buy the goat, and the “marriage” was designed to embarrass him some more. The story made the local news in South Sudan’s Juba Post. Oddly enough, this local Sudanese joke story went viral and found its way onto major news websites all around the world. The Juba Post’s editor was surprised by this, and was concerned that this light-hearted and weird story would end up tarnishing the image of South Sudan internationally.

So, how long did the “marriage” last between Charles and Rosa Tombe? They had a lot of trouble early on: Rosa gave birth to a son and Charles was not the father (obviously). Then, about 1 year into the marriage, Rosa died trying to eat a plastic bag. Charles Tombe currently takes care of Rosa’s son.

It used to be commonplace for people to wear pubic wigs.

There’s a name for a wig that you put on your pubic region. It’s called a “merkin”. It’s unusual now, but this was an especially common practice among prostitutes and other people who engaged in a lot of sexual activity. It’s a good way to cover up sores from STD’s. Also, since syphilis was often treated by shaving the pubic region or treating it with mercury (which causes hair loss), the merkin served as a replacement for all that missing pubic hair. Merkins also saw some use for the same reasons that people wear wigs, i.e. baldness or wanting have a different hair color.

In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people\'s clothes.

The cameras had special lenses that use infrared light (IR) to see through some types of clothing. It primarily works on dark colored, thin clothing - like swimsuits. The main factor is how well the fabric absorbs IR light waves. It\'s not for regular digicams, but rather for camcorders with a IR night vision mode, and the resolution is low.

Sony recalled the camcorders when they found out about this, but the night vision camcorders that they subsequently released can still be modified to give back the see-through-clothing functionality. A lot of people have abused this technology for nefarious purposes. You can read more about that in this ABC article.

In this video, a YouTuber modifies his night vision camera to see through his wife\'s clothes (Don\'t worry, this video is Safe for Work).

Daggering is an erotic dance where couples simulate dry sex in different positions to the beat of the music. Doctors began issuing a warning, though, when couples took the dance to the bedroom.

Men have had disastrous results from the activity with many incurring fractured penises. The dance has been around for years in the clubs, but was finally given a name. Many say it is a very degrading dance for women and extremely rough.


The game, called “We Dare,” features players doing all sorts of ridiculous gestures, from kissing their remote with a partner to sliding it down their pants to complete various tasks! The game is apparently so racy that the developer refuses to bring it stateside - it’s only available in Europe! Even the YouTube videos of the game’s ad campaign have been region-restricted, but fortunately the folks at IGN have uploaded it themselves for your entertainment! 

Is this really even a ‘game’? 

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