Imagine your body was a brewery. Wouldn't that be fun? You'd never have to buy a drink again!

Well, actually, there is a guy in Britain who has become a walking brewery, and for him it has been anything but pleasurable.

Matthew Hogg suffers from auto-brewery syndrome. It is also known as gut fermentation syndrome.

He has an excess of yeast trapped in his small intestine which creates alcohol that is absorbed directly into his bloodstream every time he eats grain or sugary foods like bread or pasta or processed food!

The problem becomes obvious. You cannot function successfully if you are always somewhere between tipsy and drunk, or suffering from an acute hangover just because you had a sandwich for lunch.

It has affected Matthew’s life so negatively that he eventually had to apply for a disability grant from the British government.

He struggles to concentrate, is always tired and suffers from hangover-like symptoms. His inability to follow his dreams has also caused him to succumb to depression and mood disorders.

He has suffered from the syndrome for 20 years. As a youngster he had dreams of becoming a pilot or an engineer or even a professional athlete. Matthew says he tries to stay positive, and believes he will one day regain his heath.