A UK study says that tobacco and alcohol are 40 times more harmful than cannabis, LSD, and ecstasy!

Did our Health teachers lie to us? What about our legislators? According to a UK study, tobacco and alcohol are more harmful than LSD, heroin, or ecstasy. The reason is because the researchers define "harm" as anything causing negative consequences to the user or those around the user. The study finds that "together tobacco and alcohol cause 'approximately 40 times the total number of deaths from all illegal drugs combined.'"

The report divided drugs into three classes. Class A (the most harmful) includes heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and cocaine. Class B has codeine and amphetamines among it's ranks. The lowest and seemingly least dangerous (and least punishable for possessing or dealing according to their recommendations) is Class C, which has valium, anabolic steroids, and cannabis.

The report, published by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, specifically states that tobacco would be on the border between Class B and Class C (which are recommended to be punishable by 2-5 years in jail), and alcohol would be on the border between a Class A and Class B drug, punishable by 5-7 years in jail. Together, the two drugs are toxic.

The report concedes that it would not be feasible to expect a penalty-based system commensurate with the one for their Class A-C drugs, but they do assert that the harms of tobacco and alcohol are so great that more education, separate from penalties, is warranted to give the public a better understanding of these hazards.