Blue whales are the largest animals ever to exist, EVER. Find out more about these amazing creatures

Blue whales are incredibly, incredibly large. Measuring 100 ft long and weighing in at 190 tons, blue whales are the largest known creatures to exist, ever. Even the largest known dinosaur Argentinosaurus only clocked in at 99 tons—a little more than half the size of a full grown blue whale!

The feeding habits of blue whale are equally massive. Blue whales feed primarily on a small zooplankton known as krill, which are individually quite tiny. That means that in order to eat the almost 8,000 lbs of krill they need on a daily basis to survive, they can eat in excess of 40 million krill every day.

Because of their massive size, many of their individual organs are some of the largest in the animal kingdom as well. A blue whale's tongue can clock in at more than 3 tons, making it about the same weight as your typical minivan.

Adolescent blue whales are equally impressive. Able to drink in excess of 100 gallons of milk a day, growing whales gain 200 lb every 24 hours on average. Even when they're born, a baby blue whale weighs almost as much as a fully grown hippo!