Puma and Adidas were founded by two feuding brothers during WWII

The town of Herzogenaurach became known as "the town of bent necks" because the inhabitants were always looking down to see which shoes strangers were wearing. This was because both Puma and Adidas were owned and operated in the area by two feuding brothers—dividing the town's people.

The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory was co-owned by brothers Rudolph and Adolph (nicknamed Adi) Dassler. They both joined the Nazi party, but Rudolph was a bit more involved with the party than Adi was.

The rift between them reached a peak in 1943, when both brothers and their families ended up in the same bomb shelter. Adi said: "Here are the bloody bastards again," referring to the Allied Forces. Rudolph thought his brother was referring to him and his wife.

Later, when Rudolph was picked up by the Americans and accused of being part of the SS, he was sure his brother turned him in.

The brothers split the business in 1948, when Adi established Adidas and Rudolph created Puma.

Supposedly, handymen cashed in on this feud by wearing Adidas to Rudolph's home. He would then send them down to his basement to collect a free pair of Pumas!

The two brothers never made peace and are buried in the same cemetery—but as far apart as possible.