A woman that started as a bookkeeper eventually became one of McDonalds' owners!

June Martino was an American businesswoman who became Ray Kroc’s bookkeeper in 1948 and ultimately rose to Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Director, and part-owner of McDonald’s Corporation.

Martino, a native of Chicago, was married to Louis Martino, who owned and operated an early McDonald’s restaurant in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, established the company’s original research facility in Addison, Illinois in 1961, and preceded June in death 10 years ago. The Martinos had two sons, John and Joel.

She was the book keeper at the 1st franchised Mcdonald's and worked for free for the first 9 months and little pay after that, she was eventually given 10% of the company!

10 years later she cashed in part of her holdings for $300,000 (worth 1.7 million today) and kept the rest worth 5 million (28 million today).