Mullets are ILLEGAL in Iran!

The mullet hairstyle has been described accurately for years: Business in the front, party in the back. The term 'mullet' to describe the hairstyle was made popular by the hip hop group the Beastie Boys in the early 1990's when they released their song 'Mullet head'.

However, just because there wasn't a name for the hairstyle, doesn't mean that people everywhere didn't have that hilariously awful hairstyle.

In fact, the earliest records of mullets comes from a Byzantine Text in the sixth century. A scholar by the name of Procopius said that some factions of young males wear their hair long at the back and cut it short over their forehead. This style was typically seen as Hunnic in nature.

The mullet gained popularity in the 1970's when David Bowie and Paul McCartney started sporting the awkward hair cut. Today, the mullet is associated with less intelligent people from the Southern part of the United States of America.

Iran, because of the association mullets have with Western culture, officially made mullets illegal in their country in 2010!