Your spit has a painkiller 6 times stronger than morphine!

A study of saliva from 2006 led to an unusual, yet awesome discovery. Researchers who were part of the study, discovered a new set of molecules that is found in human saliva. The substance has been called opiorphin, and is up to 6 times stronger than morphine!

Opiorphin seems like a miracle drug, because it is six times more powerful than morphine, one of the strongest painkillers used in modern medicine. However, morphine is highly addictive, and has led to an unfortunate turn in many people's lives.

Since Oriorphin is a natural substance found in our saliva, researchers believe the substance to be non-addictive, and may have anti-depressant characteristics! Next time you stub your toe, or are feeling a little down after your last break up, just try asking a bunch of people to spit in your mouth, it might make you feel better!