Saltwater crocodiles swim into the sea to eat sharks!

Posted Aug 13, by Anonymous

Worried about getting eaten alive by a shark while enjoying a day at an Australian beach with your family and friends? According to a lifeguard in Australia, you shouldn't be worrying about a shark problem at the beaches, because there are rarely any shark sightings these days. Why?

As it turns out, the beaches are being overrun by Saltwater crocodiles - which have been blamed for the sudden decrease in the shark population. That's right, there is an animal that is eating sharks - and it is able to attack you even if you are out of the water.

The crocodiles surrounding the Australian beaches these days are of horrifying proportions. An average length of a saltwater crocodile is 4 meters long! The boom in crocodile activity at beaches is just another friendly reminder that Australia might be one of the most terrifying places to live, and is surely populated by some of the world's deadliest animals.


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