The U.S military accidentally dropped a hydrogen bomb on North Carolina!

In 1961, an atomic bomb was dropped into Nahunta Swamp, the bomb remains entombed in Nahunta Swamp to this day.

Only a single safety switch worked, ultimately preventing the bomb from detonating. A cold war B-52 bomber lost a wing in a storm shortly after takeoff from Seymour Johnson. As was procedure, the crew proceeded to drop two of the most powerful U.S. Atomic nuclear weapons into the riparian area below, near Pikeville.

One bomb floated gently down with it's parachute and was soon retrieved. The other bomb plunged headlong into the deep organic soils of Nahunta Swamp. The recovery team managed to excavate some 40’ only to fall short of the unexploded weapon.

Thanks to the safety switch a lot of lives were spared and people from North Carolina enjoy of a nice beautiful life along their great families throughout the whole state.