Zachary I. Braff is an American actor better known for his role as Dr. John Dorian on the television series Scrubs, for which he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2005.

There is unseen footage from an episode of Punk’d in 2005 where Zach Braff gets his Porsche graffitied by some kids! They covered his new Porsche in paint during the prank. He showed a violent reaction to the stunt, which was settled up by his best friend Donald Faison (which is also co-star in Scrubs).

His new car only had 100 miles on it, and while they entered a liquor store the pranked took place. They choreographed the whole thing and Zach mas not supposed to catch the kid, but he did! Also, he was not able to control the adrenaline rush so he just stated pummeling him.

He also stated that it was dark outside and he didn’t know it was a 12 year old he was pummeling.They had to take off that scene from the video and there are many people out there still trying to look for the lose footage.