17 Tricks Businesses Use to Secretly Rip You Off

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When “Coke Classic” returned, it wasn't actually the same as the original.

In 1985, The Coca-Cola Company discontinued the original Coke formula and introduced “New Coke.” It was an overwhelming failure. Less than three months later, it was announced that “Coke Classic” would return. This was such a big deal that David Pryor, a US Senator, called it “a meaningful moment in US history.” 

As soon as the “Coke Classic” began circulating again, people were not all convinced it was the same formula, which turned out to be true. This was due to a change from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup. So the pre 1985 Coke is actually gone! People speculate that the introduction of the new Coke only to make the old Coke return was a marketing ploy to make Coca-Cola Classic sell more.

Changing beloved products can be a very difficult thing to do. Another good example of this is Tropicana and Gap, which changed their iconic branding. After facing similar backlash to the one that Coke got, they also reversed their decisions. Tell us, what brands or sites have you stopped using after they changed?


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