17 Tricks Businesses Use to Secretly Rip You Off

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Movie theaters mark up popcorn an average of 1275 Percent!


You might be hard pressed to get your own popcorn into a movie theater, but you’d be surprised just how much cheaper that would be. Since you’ve likely purchased popcorn at the grocery store, consider this: just how much popcorn does that make? Then consider this: Compared to how much popcorn costs at the cinema, how much does the same amount of popcorn cost at home? 
In percentage values, cinema popcorn is 1275% of the price of home popcorn. At the grocery store, microwave popcorn goes for about three dollars a box, and each box gives three 3.5 ounce bags. Most movie theaters sell medium sized popcorn bags for six dollars. 
You probably know the reason they sell it so high is because they don’t make that much money off of ticket sales. Yet for some reason, people like to buy the concessions, no matter how overpriced they are. Most people just do it for convenience, because it’s actually very easy to just buy readily made popcorn slathered in butter product. 
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