You have 1,458 unique forms of bacteria in your belly button!

Germaphobes beware, your belly button may or not be a breeding ground for bacteria. According to a recent study done as part of the Belly Button Biodiversity (BBB) project, after swabbing 60 belly buttons, they found 2,368 species of bacteria, 1,458 species of which they believe to be unique.

Dr Claire Cronin justifies the mass bacteria build up in our belly buttons as a result of next to no one genuinely grooming and cleaning their belly buttons the same way that they keep the areas behind their ears clean. Dr Cronin says that the belly button can be a crucial gateway inside the human body during surgery, however if the belly button isn't groomed well enough, doctors cannot use it as an entry point!

Next time you take a shower, and you're scrubbing all over to keep clean - don't leave out your belly button. That is, unless, you WANT hundreds of species of bacteria living in there.