The Kennedys redecorated the White House since Mrs. Kennedy thought the furniture was too cheap!

Back in 1961, Jackie Kennedy decided to do a renovation of the White House by replacing the cheap furniture bought by the Trumans with pieces of the White House historical furniture!

Jackie Kennedy was so obsessed with the whole redecorating process, that along with Dorothy Mae “Sister” Parish she started the job right away. She started by reediting several of the family bedrooms and few other rooms. She decided to do several redecorations around the entire house! For instance, she converted the former Prince of Wales suite into a Private Dining Room!

The Kennedys were able to declare the White House a museum, they did this in order to preserve it and they accepted many antique furniture that fitted the White House! She even asked the Eisenhowers to give back the Washington era China they had taken home after leaving office!

Many of the “modern” rooms seen at the White House are all renovated thanks to Mrs. Kennedy’s great sense of decoration. So next time you decide to pay a visit to the White House remember that behind all it's history, the Kennedy era is among it.