'Home' is the title of an infamous X-Files episode being notorious for being the first X-Files episode for having a parental warning at the beginning of an episode. In it, Mulder and Scully find a family of inbred, mutated freaks in a small town called 'Home.'

The show had shocking images and an atmosphere that resembled the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The script turned a lot of heads at Fox. Some executives even called it immoral. Turns out, the writers based the script on the real life experiences of Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin was touring England in a musical. He went to stay in an old boarding house. The family who ran it liked him and asked him to come upstairs to show him something not many people saw. There was a man with no arms or legs. Then, they started dancing and the kid flopped around. When they were done, the kid lay on his back and was rolled under the bed.

That anecdote showed up in an autobiography and the writer of the episode thought that he just had to do something like that at some point in his life.