At the center of every non rotating black hole, is a single point in which the mass of the black hole is contained. This region is infinitely dense, which basically means the weight is condensed into a region that is infinitely small.

Unfortunately, if you enter the horizon of a black hole, it is physically impossible for you to escape. There is literally no way out - you can only prolong your death by delaying your acceleration into the black hole. Scientists suggest it is best to just free fall in order to get the grueling death you are going to encounter out of the way. When you get far enough into the black hole, your mass will be condensed and then added to that of the black hole.

But, you're lucky, because before you are crushed to an infinitely small spec in the universe, you will be torn apart by the tidal forces in the black hole through a process called Spaghettification, or rather, 'the noodle effect'. Basically, your body will become stretched in a comical looking sort of way, but it will be excruciatingly painful for you - but hey, at least it has a funny name.