If you saw Iron Man 3, Marvel trolled you!

By now everyone knows that Marvel movies always have a scene after the credits right? Last year's The Avengers had a post-credits scene that sent shawarma sales skyrocketing. This year, they decided to have a little fun with it.

The end credits for Iron Man 3 ran a little longer than usual. The credits ran for a full 10 minutes, longer than average. If you think that's because they had a lot of people to list, you're not 100% true. They also padded them with some fake names like Gwyneth Waltrow.

Another interesting thing about Iron Man 3 is that the movie has an extra scene in the Chinese market. In the scene, which is right at the beginning of the movie, Tony Stark is shown blowing off the same doctor that would later save him in the first Iron Man movie.

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