Freddie Mercury was perhaps the most talented singer in a rock band. His rock band, is one of the most influential and greatest rock bands of all time. He had a sweet moustache, an amazing voice, a great sense of humor, but he had raunchy overbite.

Mercury’s overbite was one of the things that made him standout, and partially why people were able to identify him so easily – the sweet moustache and tight white pants also helped. Since Mercury was part of one of the biggest rock bands of all time, you would think that he could have just gotten corrective surgery to fix his overbite – and he could have, but he didn’t.

The reason Freddie’s overbite existed was because of four extra teeth at the back of his mouth. Mercury was afraid that if he had his overbite fixed, it would damage his voice, which is something that he would never allow.

Thank goodness that he didn’t take the risk, because his massive overbite was one of the things that gave him such a beautiful smile. Read more reasons why Mercury was amazing by clicking the source!