A 10 year old saved over 100 people during the 2004 Tsunami in Asia! How?

Tilly Smith was a 10 year old girl from England that was visiting Thailand on vacation with her family during the disastrous Tsunami of 2004. While playing on the beach with her little sister, she realized that the water was behaving in a peculiar way.

She remembered to what she had learned in class just TWO WEEKS prior to going on vacation in her geography class, and told her parents that she thought a tsunami was coming.

She explained that the water was acting a little too strange and too much alike the water before a tsunami. Her parents warned the hotel staff of the oncoming tsunami and the surrounding area was evacuated as a result.

Minutes later, the tsunami hit the hotel with astounding force. Thanks to a 10 year old who just happened to be paying attention in school that day, nobody was hurt or seriously injured.

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