It’s become disgusting how many times the news has to report police officers that are using an excessive amount of force on someone who is already detained. In the case of a famous cartoon editor, someone that entertained so many little kids around the world, it is no different.

During the initial investigation, it was determined that Paul Boyd was ‘unsafe’ as he suffered from bipolar disorder and often had hallucinations and delusions. However, whenever he was on his medication, he was found to be a caring, intelligent man.

The Vancouver Police Department initially said that Paul Boyd was violent, and ran at officers swinging a bike chain, and it led them no choice but to shoot him. The police also said they shot Paul Boyd 6-7 times before he fell down.

Unfortunately for the Vancouver Police, a video was released of an eye-witness account of what actually happened. Paul Boyd is seen crawling on his hands and knees around all the officers. In fact, you can see an officer take the chain out of Paul Boyd’s hands. You then see police pick up Paul Boyd and walk him behind a police car, where he was then shot.