If a Google Employee dies, their spouse gets half pay for 10 years!

Google has been known to treat their employees really well. They treat them to free food, fitness classes, laundry services, and car washes. Now, they’ve pulled out the big guns. They’re offering their employee spouses 10 years of half pay when their Google working spouse dies.

There’s no tenure requirement needed to receive the benefits either. Right now, only U.S. employees are covered by the policy at this point in time, though. The surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee will also acquire vested stock benefits, and children will receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19.

The timeline can be extended if the child is in school full time. Google said it is taking this approach because it is the right thing to do, ensuring that each employee's family is taken care of if an unforeseeable event were to occur — even if there is no direct benefit to the business.

Although it might attract more candidates to apply for a position, Google said that is not the reason why it implemented the benefits — more potential hires would just be a side effect.