We’ve all seen those movies where the nervous husband is driving like a maniac to the hospital while the mom-to-be in the backseat is screaming at him to go faster. Though uncommon, this situation does occur in real life from time to time!

So, if you were born in the back of the car in the 1960’s en route to the hospital, better call your mom up and ask her if Dad was driving a VW Bug at the time. In 1964, Volkswagen of America launched a marketing gambit called Bonds for Babies Born in Beetles (say THAT 5 times fast!).

The campaign offered a $25 savings bond for any baby who was born in a Beetle that was en route to the hospital. By 1969, a total of 125 “Beetle Babies” had been awarded a savings bond. The campaign surrounded VW’s slogan at the time, “There’s always room for one more in a beetle.”