I don't consider German to be the prettiest language. If you want pretty, learn Italian or Spanish. Both are extremely pleasing to the ear. You can say practically anything in these languages, and it sounds good. This is not the case with German, at least for me.

However, they do have some truly useful words. Words that we don’t have in English and that we may just need. One such word is “backpfeifengesicht.” How to pronounce it is a mystery, but the meaning is known. “Backpfeifengesicht” means “a face in need of a punch.” We’ve all seen such a face. We’ve all known such a person.

They are infuriating and while violence is never a good option, we’ve all experienced this urge. Some say the actual translation is “a face in need of a slap.” Either way, this word would be extremely useful to have in English. It would at the very least make stories shorter. Thanks, German.