There is a place in Minnesota where you can drive a tank and smash cars with it

In Kasota, MN, about 1.5 hours away from Minneapolis, there exists a family owned business called “Drive a Tank.” Not only can you explore armored tanks up close and personal, but you can actually drive them too. At Drive a Tank, you can get behind the controls and drive the tank through a densely wooded course.

You can even attempt to crush a car and not just American cars. Drive a Tank also has imported British M.B.T.s, S.P.G.s and A.P.C.s. All this experience will cost you is an introductory price of $1999.00 and 3-5 hours of your life.

Beyond driving tanks, you can also sample semi-automatic weapons at the indoor shooting range. The “state of the art” facility is capable of handling up to .50 caliber ammunition. The owners of the Drive a Tank believe that it’s appropriate for corporate events, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, Father’s Day, Graduation, and holidays.