The Classic Movie was Based on a True Story!Anyone who’s ever seen the movie “It Could Happen to You” with Nicholas Cage probably thought, “Yeah right, like that would EVER happen.” Think again, because it DID happen! Back in the early 80’s, a New York police officer named Robert Cunningham offered to split a lottery ticket with a waitress named Phyllis Penzo in lieu of leaving a tip. The cop was a frequent diner at the Italian restaurant where Phyllis worked, and she agreed to the offer. Together they chose the numbers.

Ironically, the next day was April Fool’s Day, and Robert called up Phyllis to tell her they had won $6 MILLION in the lottery. Of course, she didn’t believe him, but after much convincing she started screaming and woke up her husband to tell him the good news.

Unlike the Hollywood version of the story, the two did not leave their spouses for each other, nor did Robert’s wife get upset about the arrangement. Both families decided to buy houses with their earnings, and Robert and Phyllis both returned to their jobs.