A 9 year old donated all her birthday money. A year later, she passed away, causing people to donate $1.2 million on her behalf.

Rachel was the typical nine-year-old girl. She was adorable, kind-hearted, and wanted to save the world. When she found out one day that in certain parts of the world, water is considered a luxury by children her age, she decided that she wanted to help. She created a fundraising page on mycharitywater.org, and she asked her friends and family to donate $9 instead of buying her a birthday present that year.

Like most kids, she had high hopes: she wanted to raise $300 and quench the thirst of 15 people. It was HER birthday, and SHE was the one giving a gift. She fell short of her goal by $80, and told her mom that she’d try harder the next year. A month later, she was killed in a car accident. Tragic proof of the most frustrating statement we all heard from our parents as kids: life just isn’t fair. However, up on hearing her tale, people from all around the world began donating to her fundraising page.

A month later, 30,000 people had given more than $1.2 million. One hundred percent of the money was sent to Tigray, Ethiopia. Life can be cruel, but people often aren't. Yes, we all get caught up in our own lifes and struggles, but when we hear about things like this we all turn into that 9 year old who just wants to save the world. Many of us don't have enough time to do that, but we all have some time to help. If you want to help grant Rachel’s wish, visit the source.