In most superhero stories, the history of the bad guy is not exactly outlined. Usually readers just assume the person is some random evil villain who wants to kill the hero and destroy the Earth. For example did you even wonder why Lex Luthor hates Superman so much? There’s actually an interesting story.

According to the comics, Luthor and Superman lived in the same small town as kids and were even friends. Luthor, equipped with a wonderful full head of hair, only started to hate Superman later. Superman actually set Luthor up with a lab to carry out his science experiments in return for discovering a cure to Superman’s weakness to Kryptonite. Unfortunately, Luthor accidentally blew up his lab and Superman had to come save him.

In the process of attempting to put out the flames, Superman blew some of the chemicals on to Luthor’s head, causing him to be bald for the rest of his life. Luthor was so angry that he had lost his hair, he spent the rest of his life trying to kill Superman and conquer the World! Sound ridiculous? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!