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On 20 October 1944 an above ground gas storage tank in Cleveland, Ohio started leaking. The ensuing disaster killed 130 people and left 600 homeless

On Friday, 20 October 1944 residents of Cleveland East, Ohio were going about their business in the usual way, not realizing that by that afternoon 130 people would have died and many would have lost their homes and their life's savings.

By 2:30 pm an above storage tank storing liquefied natural gas, started leaking from a side seam. It was located at the East Ohio Gas Company's tank farm near Lake Erie.

Winds from the lake pushed the vapor into a mixed use section of Cleveland, where it dropped into the sewer lines via the street gutters.

When it mixed with air and sewer gas, the mixture ignited and exploded, and the jets of fire that was sent up from the sewer lines blew manhole covers into the sky. One was found several miles east, in Glenville!

That was not the end of it. At 3:00 pm another above ground tank exploded, leveling the tank farm. Explosions and fires continued to occur, travelling through sewers and up through drains. Many housewives found themselves trapped in their burning homes.

The county coroner estimated the death toll to be 200, but it was actually 130. Six hundred people were left homeless as 70 homes, 2 factories, numerous cars and miles of underground infrastructure were destroyed.


Prince, the artist formerly known as Prince, Symbol...Dave Chappelle?

Prince has never been far from controversy over the course of his very colourful career, but his latest stint borders on the downright comical.

His latest single, Breakfast can Wait, features Dave Chappelle impersonating Prince, holding a tray of flapjacks.

Prince was apparently so impressed by Chappelle's impersonation of him on his his show, that he went as far as to use him for the cover art of his latest single.

At first glance, the picture is ridiculous enough, with Chappelle draped in a typically flamboyant Prince outfit.

You could be excused if you missed the tray of flapjacks that he's holding.

Fans of Prince will likely not be swayed by his latest move though, as the artist has always followed the road less travelled all throughout his career. The artwork for the single did draw positive media attention though, highlighting Prince's sense of humour.

The single features on the EP, 'The Breakfast Experience', which was released on 24 October 2104 on iTunes and Amazon.


Before crash test dummies were developed, the tests were done with human cadavers and today human corpses are still used to improve automotive safety!

John O. Moore started the Automotive Crash Injury Research Center in 1952 where using crash testing was pioneered.

Originally human cadavers were used before crash test dummies were developed. You may find this information shocking or gross, but it still happens today!

As recent as last year researchers in Spain announced that they will be using human cadavers again instead of crash test dummies because of budget restraints!

The Laboratory of Technology and Systems for Safety In Automobiles in northern Spain is one of six places in the world where human-body crash tests were conducted.

Researchers say that human bodies will give them a much clearer idea of what happens to internal organs during a crash.

Using cadavers for these types of tests continues to this day in America and Europe. Auto manufacturers stick to dummies because they do not want to get involved in the business of handling dead bodies or of disposing of them afterwards.

Universities receive funding to do certain tests on human bodies and to make the data available to manufacturers. This data has been proven to be invaluable.

In a 1995 article in the Journal of Trauma, researcher Albert King estimated that about 8,500 lives are saved every year as a result of crash research on human corpses.


Some awesome lists!

If both NHL goalies on a team are injured, then anyone can step in to the role — and we mean anyone!

If you have ever had the desire to be part of your favourite sports team, then the NHL is the place to be. According to the rule book, if both of the goalies are injured, the team can call on literally any goalie available to suit up and play for the rest of the match.

But, don't get your hopes up about playing for an NHL team any time soon. Most teams these days have an emergency backup goalie who will only dress after the first goalie goes down.

In the past a variety of team members have played the position of Emergency Backup Goalie or EBUG. One team used their team owner, while another used their coach. A team even suited up their web designer during a game when their first goalie went down.

Most often, though, teams will employ either retired professional players to sit on the bench or, for the smaller teams, college students would be invited to act as the EBUG.

EBUGs are generally not paid for their appearance and are certainly not expected to actually play, so it would not be as exciting as it sounds to play for a professional sports team!


Two Israeli soldiers went to jail for posting a Harlem Shake video on YouTube. Did they deserve it?

The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme in the form of a video in which a group of people perform a comedy sketch accompanied by a short excerpt from the song "Harlem Shake". As a meme, the video was re-enacted by many people, using the same concept, but with variations on the content. This rapidly led to it becoming viral in early February 2013. Thousands of "Harlem Shake" videos were being made and were uploaded to YouTube every day.

Some contributors never expected the consequences that would befall them for taking part in the "Harlem Shake" phenomenon. Not everybody found it amusing. One could argue that one reaction in particular was a bit extreme.

In Israel, two soldiers were sentenced to prison and one was relieved of his command after they posted a video of a few soldiers performing the Harlem Shake around a cannon. Reportedly they did notify their commanders of the planned project and made sure that no sensitive military equipment was shown. They even sought approval for the final product. The video received positive reactions from mainstream Israeli media and online, but the poor soldiers still served time.

The Washington Post explained the Harlem Shake's instant virality by referring to the jump cuts, hypnotic beat, quick setups, and the short, half minute routines.



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