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Dave Grohl was honored by his hometown with the world's largest drumsticks!

Dave Grohl's hometown of Warren, Ohio is incredibly proud of their musical prodigy.

As the drummer for the band that defines the 1990s, Nirvana, and the front man for the incredibly popular modern rock group, Foo Fights (among dozens of other musical projects), Warren has plenty of reasons to gloat.

The way they ended up honoring him, though, may be the most appropriate showing of love ever.

Sure, he got his own alley named after him back in 2009, but that's nothing compared to the record-breaking drumsticks.

In 2012, the town presented Grohl with a pair of 900 pound drumsticks that were made of log wood.

The town didn't reach out to Guinness to claim their world record, so technically having the world's largest drumsticks is still unofficial—but it couldn't have happened in a more fitting place.

Grohl tweeted about the honor, saying: “To the wonderful city of Warren, from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you all so much... For the childhood memories. For my family. For my very own alley. For the world's largest drumsticks! And for all of your support... But most of all for being such a great community. One that makes me proud to say... I am from Warren, Ohio!”


Dresden, Germany, introduced a PAYT waste management system that has reduced the amount of waste generated by 50%!

Dresden, Germany, introduced a Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) system to better regulate waste disposal and management.

The idea is to make consumers aware of how much waste they create, and to make the cost of waste disposal fair for the consumer.

With the PAYT system, citizens only pay for the amount of waste they need removed. Before, waste disposal was included in taxes and municipal fees.

This meant that everybody paid the same amount, no matter how much they recycled or threw away.

Since introducing the PAYT system in 1994, the amount of waste generated in Dresden has dropped by an impressive 50% despite the fact that income and consumption have steadily increased!

Consumers have become aware of how much waste they create as the waste is weighed, and disposal is charged per kilogram of waste.

The citizens now make compost and recycle waste instead of unthinkingly throwing everything in the bin. This inevitably has had a positive effect on the environment as not everything is dumped on landfills anymore.

Everybody is very happy with the system because it's fair. Each individual household is only charged for what the throw away and many households can now save money, as they no longer have to pay a set municipal fee.


How do you make kids choose broccoli over chocolate? Elmo!

Never underestimate the power of Sesame Street.

The program that has been teaching children their “A, B, Cs” and “1, 2, 3s” for decades continues to spread its influence, this time with better eating choices.

Turns out, when given a choice between chocolate and broccoli, children will tend to choose the broccoli—as long as Elmo is involved.

Initially, when given the option between a delectable chocolate bar and the less appetizing broccoli, four out of five children chose the chocolate (I want to meet the 1 in five that chose the vegetable!).

Luckily, taxpayer dollars weren't wasted on trying to crack that mystery.

But when the researchers put a sticker of Elmo on the broccoli, suddenly the results skewed to be about half and half.

A lot of schools have already discovered this little marketing secret and will put up posters with childhood favorites such as Spongebob and Sesame Street characters promoting the healthy choices.

When Spongebob tries to sell kids on green beans, 37 percent more boys and 17 percent more girls will choose the them. Still, a chocolate bar is tough to pass up!


Some awesome lists!

Our tongues only detect 20% of the salt on potato chips, that is why Lay's developed a new 'designer salt' with the same taste that allows them to use 25% less sodium

The average American consumes about twice the daily recommended limit of salt. Too much salt in the diet can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

The manufacturers of Lay’s potato chips have taken note of this problem and have found a way to lessen the risk without compromising on taste.

They're developing a new designer salt.

The crystals of this salt are shaped and sized differently from that of normal salt and will reduce the amount of sodium consumers will ingest while snacking.

Because of the way our tongues perceive salt, 80% of the salt on potato chips are swallowed before we even taste it! Only 20% is dissolved and tasted by our tongues.

That is why the manufacturers of Lay’s will now be using a powdery ingredient that tastes exactly like salt. It will deliver an initial spike of saltiness, then a body of flavor and lingering sensation, said Dr. Yep, who joined the company in June 2009.

When they tested the designer salt in the United States and in the UK, consumers could not tell the difference between the new and the conventional salt.

By 2015, Lay’s should contain 25% less sodium.

Said Indra Nooyi, Chairman of PepsiCo.: "What we want to do with our "fun for you" products is to make them the healthiest "fun for you" products."


When horror director Eli Roth showed 'Cannibal Holocaust' to the villagers in a remote part of the Amazon, they thought it was a hilarious comedy!

When horror director Eli Roth decided to make the cannibal movie ‘The Green Inferno’ he wanted it to be authentic.

The movie plays off deep in the Amazon and is about an un-contacted tribe.

He decided the movie must be shot really deep in the Amazon forests—somewhere off the grid.

So they went up the Amazon River for hours on end and eventually came across a very primitive village that looked like it was out of another time. Perfect!

He asked the villagers if he can shoot his movie there. They said they first want to know what a movie was!

They have obviously never been exposed to television or film. In fact, they'd never even heard of electricity.

A television and a generator was brought in and the villagers were shown the movie ‘Cannibal Holocaust’. Eli himself thought that maybe that wasn't such a good choice, but it turned out that the villagers loved it.

They thought it was a hilarious comedy. It was the funniest thing they had ever seen and they all wanted to play cannibals in the new movie!

The entire Amazonian village ended up being cast in the film ‘The Green Inferno’—which they probably still see as a comedy.



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