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Martine Rothblatt made millions by inventing satellite radio. When her daughter was diagnosed with a rare, fatal disease, she earned a PhD in bioethics & formed a biotech company.

Martine Rothblatt is the founder of Sirius Satellite Radio, from which she earned millions of dollars.

Her daughter Jeni, however, was diagnosed with the rare, fatal disease pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) which is caused when the artery between the heart and lungs is damaged.

Martine felt useless, stating “I was an expert in satellites, and I didn’t know anything about medicine.”

She didn’t let this feeling of helplessness last long, however. She sold her stock and started a $3 million foundation to fund research. Unfortunately not much came of this, so Martine started her own biotechnology company United Therapeutics and went for her Ph.D. in bioethics.

Investors weren’t easy to convince, but eventually she got the support she needed. The company ended up doing extremely well, with shares up 800% from the time the company went public.

The medicine had to be sold at a high price which she was not happy about at first, but that changed when she realized what other affects her company had on the market for rare disease medicine.

There were 75 specialists in PAH in the U.S. when Jeni got sick. Now 10,000 doctors treat it and a few major pharmaceutical companies carry the drugs needed to treat it. It’s still a fatal disease, but people can last a lot longer with it now.


Walt Disney planned his own city of the future where he would be in complete control of how it ran!

Celebration, Florida is a town built by The Walt Disney Company starting in the early 1990’s. This wasn’t the first time that Disney had considered getting into the city-building business, though.

Walt Disney himself wanted to build a city. His vision was completely different from what later came to be, however, and it’s a little creepy too.

Walt Disney essentially wanted to run the city himself. The city Walt dreamed up was known as The Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow (EPCOT). He wanted 20,000 people to live in his city, and wanted industries to test out their newest technology there, where it would be on display for the rest of the world.

All of the people living in his city would be tenants, paying rent to Disney. Literally everyone in the city would work for Disney in one way or another. No residents would be retirees. Everyone would be living by Walt Disney’s rules.

That’s not even the extent of control Walt wanted over the city. He bought up swampland in Florida and then petitioned the state to allow him complete control over the land, including building codes. To this day, Disney still has the control over this land. They could build a nuclear reactor on it if they so choose.

Walt Disney died soon after his plan went into motion, and the Disney board of directors, who weren’t so excited about the plan, stopped it and focused on their own plan of creating a theme.


There an island in a pond on an island in a lake on an island in a lake!

Moose Boulder is the largest island in the largest lake on the largest island in the largest lake on the largest island in the largest lake in the world.

Nature can be quite the joker and give you a splitting headache!

Isle Royale is situated in the northwest of Lake Superior, the largest lake in the world. The island is 45 miles long and 9 miles wide with a total area of 206.73 square miles.

At this size, it's the largest natural island in the lake and the third largest in the contiguous United States after Long Island and Padre Island.

On the island is Siskiwit Lake, which is the largest lake on Isle Royale at 4,150 acres in area.

No, it doesn't stop there. Inside the lake are multiple islands, including Eagle Nest Island and Ryan Island as the noticeably largest ones.

On Ryan Island there is a pond that shows up during certain seasons. Inside the pond sits our last entry: Moose Boulder, which is itself an island when the pond is present.

Now you can go ahead and go grab some asprin!


Some awesome lists!

The only country where Marijuana is 100% legal is also one of the most repressive!

North Korea's apparent stance on marijuana may surprise you.

According to multiple reports from defectors, visitors and experts, North Korea either has no law against the sale and consumption of weed, or it has a law that is largely unenforced.

A 29-year-old freelance writer from England wrote an account on his blog explaining how he purchased a grocery bag full of weed at an indoor market in rural North Korea and smoked it with impunity both at outdoor parks and monuments, as well as in restaurants and bars.

Experts explained that it's unknown whether the drug is technically outlawed, but in practice, the regime doesn't appear to take issue with it.


Here is a list of the 24 countries where it is legal to be a lesbian, but illegal to be a gay man! The penalty in Mauritius for being gay, is shocking!

In 2013 The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, or ILGA, has listed 81 countries where there are laws against homosexuality or homosexual acts.

But strangely enough, there are 24 countries where it is legal to be a lesbian, but illegal to be a gay man!

Here is a list of those countries and the penalties gay men face in those countries:

Ghana: Five to twenty years imprisonment Sierra.

Leone and Guyana: In these countries a gay man will be imprisoned for life!

Nigeria, Tuvalu and Seychelles: Fourteen years in prison Kenya: Fourteen to twenty-one years imprisonment, “depending on the circumstances.”

Malawi: Here gay men can face corporal punishment or fourteen years in jail.

Swaziland: In this country laws against sodomy are rarely enforced, but being openly gay can result in being turned away or evicted from AIDS clinics, which is similar to a death penalty if you think about it!

Saint Kitts and Nevis, Tonga, Belize, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada: Ten year prison sentence.

Jamaica: Hard labor for ten years.

Turkmenistan and Singapore: Two years in prison.

Uzbekistan: Three years imprisonment.

Kiribati, Nauru and Palau: Laws against gay interactions, but penalties not enforced.

Cook Islands: Seven years in jail.

Mauritius is incredibly horrifying. In Mauritius the penalty for being a gay man is death by public stoning!

None of the aforementioned countries have anything against lesbians.



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