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How do you make kids choose broccoli over chocolate? Elmo!

Never underestimate the power of Sesame Street.

The program that has been teaching children their “A, B, Cs” and “1, 2, 3s” for decades continues to spread its influence, this time with better eating choices.

Turns out, when given a choice between chocolate and broccoli, children will tend to choose the broccoli—as long as Elmo is involved.

Initially, when given the option between a delectable chocolate bar and the less appetizing broccoli, four out of five children chose the chocolate (I want to meet the 1 in five that chose the vegetable!).

Luckily, taxpayer dollars weren't wasted on trying to crack that mystery.

But when the researchers put a sticker of Elmo on the broccoli, suddenly the results skewed to be about half and half.

A lot of schools have already discovered this little marketing secret and will put up posters with childhood favorites such as Spongebob and Sesame Street characters promoting the healthy choices.

When Spongebob tries to sell kids on green beans, 37 percent more boys and 17 percent more girls will choose the them. Still, a chocolate bar is tough to pass up!


This guy's body has turned into a brewery and every time he eats bread, he gets drunk and suffers from a hangover!

Imagine your body was a brewery. Wouldn't that be fun? You'd never have to buy a drink again!

Well, actually, there is a guy in Britain who has become a walking brewery, and for him it has been anything but pleasurable.

Matthew Hogg suffers from auto-brewery syndrome. It is also known as gut fermentation syndrome.

He has an excess of yeast trapped in his small intestine which creates alcohol that is absorbed directly into his bloodstream every time he eats grain or sugary foods like bread or pasta or processed food!

The problem becomes obvious. You cannot function successfully if you are always somewhere between tipsy and drunk, or suffering from an acute hangover just because you had a sandwich for lunch.

It has affected Matthew’s life so negatively that he eventually had to apply for a disability grant from the British government.

He struggles to concentrate, is always tired and suffers from hangover-like symptoms. His inability to follow his dreams has also caused him to succumb to depression and mood disorders.

He has suffered from the syndrome for 20 years. As a youngster he had dreams of becoming a pilot or an engineer or even a professional athlete. Matthew says he tries to stay positive, and believes he will one day regain his heath.


In 2012, a cat saved it's owner after awaking her from a seizure and got her son to call for assistance...the same day it was adopted.

In 2012, Amy Jung went into a diabetic seizure while asleep. Her cat Pudding nudged her awake until she could call out to her son.

The son couldn’t hear her, though, so Pudding went into his room and pounced on him until he woke up and called for medical assistance.

That’s a great story, but it’s not what makes it stand out. The most interesting fact about this is that Jung and her son had only adopted Pudding earlier that very day!

That’s one cat that seems to be very happy with being adopted.

Dogs and cats can both do amazing things. There have been countless accounts of a pet saving its owners life, whether through alerting them to a fire or discovering a tumor.

Dogs get the label of man’s best friend, but cats can be just as helpful.

According to animal psychologist Roger Mugford, cats are as capable as dogs at detecting illnesses in humans, but are less likely to do so because they are they are “very much more selfish, solitary creatures.”

Luckily for Amy Jung, Pudding was looking out for her.


Some awesome lists!

A Polish octor Saved a Village From Nazis by Creating a Fake Epidemic

It often takes the worst of times to find the best of us.

This was true during the holocaust when countless people risked their lives for others, whether it was hiding Jewish families in their homes or helping them in any number of other ways.

One doctor managed to save at least 8,000 people from almost certain death.

To do this, he created a fake epidemic in a town which caused the Nazis to quarantine the area.

The Doctors name is Eugene Lazowski, and he created this false epidemic by injecting dead Epidemic Typhus bacteria, basically vaccines, into people. When their blood was tested, it came back positive for the deadly disease.

Lazowski did all of this himself and had to send the blood out to the Germans who would test it. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Nazi’s sent a few men to confirm what was going on.

When this happened, Lazowski didn’t panic. He greeted them with a warm meal and drinks.

The superior officer was enjoying the drinks so much that he just sent the younger two to test the patients. Scared for their lives, they took the blood as quickly as possible and left without doing any real investigating. The blood, of course, came back positive for the disease.

Lazowski had also faced death many other times during the war. When working with the Red Cross, his train was attacked, but he was luckily not on it at the time.

He also escaped a prisoner-of-war camp by himself by jumping the fence and then pretending to tend to an unattended horse. The soldier that was investigating the noise of the fence didn’t give him a second look.

Talk about guts. This man is a true hero.


violin strings have been made from 5000 strands of spider silk. They produce 'a soft and profound timbre' when played

Most people have heard of Spider silk’s incredible strength, but there are some pretty inventive uses for it.

One Japanese researcher actually made violin strings from spider silk!

Shigeyoshi Osaki, a professor at Nara Medical University in southern Honshu, used between 3,000 and 5,000 strands of silk for each string, which produced ‘a soft and profound timbre’ when played.

A video of this can be found in the source of this fact.

Osaki bred 300 female Nephila maculata spiders to make the strands. Don’t worry, this didn’t affect the spiders’ feeding. The silk all came from strands the spiders used to hang from not their webs.

Of course, these violin strings must be pretty strong if they use spider silk. Indeed, they have a greater strength than either gut or steel strings!

This is in part because the strands of silk are not completely cylindrical, but rather have 4-6 sides, allowing the researchers to cut down on gaps between strands.



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