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Using bond money, Chattanooga, Tennessee created Internet speeds 200x faster than the US standard!

And I can't even get my cat videos to play properly.

Thanks to a substantial bond and stimulus initiative in 2008, Chattanooga, Tennessee became one of the first cities in America to offer Gigabit Internet.

Unlike standard forms of broadband Internet, where most users have access to around five megabytes per second (mbps) for downloading content, Gigabit services offer users at least 1000 mbps.

To put that in perspective, Gigabit users can download an HD movie in less than ten seconds, while it will take the average American over 20 minutes. This means that, in Chattanooga, users signed up for Gigabit Internet get speeds that are 200x faster than the national standard.

Thankfully, other cities are following Chattanooga's example. Google Fiber, a competing Gibabit Internet service, is currently available in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo, with plans to expand into Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham.

Currently, though the United States is home to most major Internet corporations, it only has the 26th best Internet speeds in the world. Perhaps that fact will change as Gigabit services become more available.


Chipotle Menu Hacks! Don't Get A Normal Tortilla, Get Your Burrito Wrapped With A Cheese Quesadilla!

We’ve heard a million times about a secret Starbucks menu that turned out to be untrue, but what about a Chipotle secret menu? Have we reached the holy grail?

Courtesy of #HackTheMenu, we have been blessed with a variety of secret menu’s for different yummy restaurants including Chipotle.

If you want to make your burrito explosive in more ways than the usual, then you might want to try your burrito wrapped with a cheese quesadilla.

Chipotle employee’s are trained to make what people ask for, regardless if it’s standard burrito’s or not. While the secret menu isn’t official or sponsored, you can ask for whatever you want, in stock, on your burrito.

All you have to do is be polite and courteous while not letting over confidence get to your head. Don’t be that annoying guy that holds the line up, or the person that goes right before closing.


Imagine Giving Birth To A Baby As Heavy As 3 Gallons of Milk!

A Canadian woman by the name of Anna Haining Swan-Bates was notorious from birth due to her excessive build. At birth, she was 18 pounds alone.

Anna grew up to an astounding 7’ 5 1/2”. Yep, you read that right! She was 7-foot-5 at her peak. But she gave birth to a baby that weighed an incredible 26 pounds! That’s about as much as 3 gallons of milk!

Anna reached over 7 feet by the time she was 15. During her life, she met another gentle giant, who reached a great 7 foot 11 inches. When married, they bought a 130 acre piece of land and he had custom built furniture, doorways and ceilings according to both of their heights.

Because of both of their tall and thick structures, Anna’s pregnancies weren’t the easiest. She gave birth to two children, one that was stillborn and the other being 26 pounds that survived less than a day. He was 34 inches tall and his feet alone were 6 inches long a piece.

Years later, the day before her 42nd birthday, Anna died of hear failure and tuberculosis in 1888.


Some awesome lists!

Being Intelligent Doesn't Always Get The Babes - Many Science Guru's Died Virgins Including Isaac Newton

Of the world's most famous scientists, a lot of them had a whole lot of brains, but not a whole lot of game.

Isaac Newton chose not to fraternize with the common man or mingle with any woman. He was a non-passionate person towards other human beings, and he never married.

Although Newton died a virgin, he thought of himself to be quite the sinner. Maybe it was to make up for the lack of actual promiscuity he partook in. By the time he was 19 years old, he had a list of 48 sins he thought he was guilty of.

These sins included “peevishness” and impure thoughts.

Isaac Newton was thought to be a pretty lonely guy, despite being extremely smart, he was also born to poor, uneducated parents. This means he wasn’t a great contender for anyone royal. He didn’t have many friends, either.

Another bashful scientist that died a virgin was Henry Cavendish, and let’s not forget mathematician Nikolas Tesla.


Even after 400 years, the people on this Virginian island still speak Shakespearian English!

At least they’ve adopted modern forms of hygiene.

Originally a retreat for the Pocomoke Indian tribe, John Smith was the first European to discover the small island of Tangier, Virginia. In the 1670s, the island was claimed and settled by Elizabeth Scarburgh and Anthony West.

Throughout history, Tangier provided very limited access to mainland Virginia. As such, many of its 727 citizens did not pick up distinctly American customs.

For example, like many places in America, Tangier has an accent distinct to the area. However, unlike its Virginian neighbors, the island’s dialect is distinctly un-American. In fact, most residents speak not with an American accent, but in an Old English dialect reminiscent of how people talked during Shakespeare’s day.

In addition, the island’s isolation gave way to some other cultural oddities. Most notable of these is the existence of Tangier disease, a genetic disorder known for causing high cholesterol.

Only one school exists on the island, with each grade consisting of ten children or less. Two local doctors work on the island.

Until 2010, residents did not have access to the Internet or cable television. However, since acquiring these services, Tangier residents have grown incredibly fond of streaming sports.



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