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Becoming an Irish citizen may be easier than you thought! Do you qualify?

Those dreaming of becoming a member of the emerald isles may be in luck, turns out becoming an Irish citizen is incredibly easy—if you can show your family tree.

Gain Irish citizenship by proving one of your grandparents was an Irish citizen and pay a simple fee. It's that easy to go right back where your family left just a couple generations ago!

Of course, it's a lot easier if your parents were Irish citizens and you were born there, because then you're instantly a citizen, obviously.

Unfortunately, infants don't get a say in where they're born, nor would they have an educated opinion on the matter.

Children born in Ireland but have foreign national parents is entitled to Irish citizenship if they have a British parent or parent entitled to live in Northern Ireland or the Irish State without restriction on their residency. It's all very complicated.

For comparison, though, becoming an American citizen without being born here or having a parent who is a citizen requires plenty of paperwork and tests, including knowing stuff most Americans with plenty of history courses would never know. That's commitment!


The first people to be arrested for marijuana possession was in Denver, Colorado!

People flocked to Denver at the beginning of this year to partake in the newly legalized recreational activity that remains a crime in most parts of the country.

The shift to decriminalize, and even legalize marijuana is very similar to what alcohol experienced in the prohibition era in the early 20th century.

It just so happens that marijuana has been off limits just as long.

In 1937 the Marihuana Tax Act was passed that levied a tax equaling about $1 for anyone commercially dealing cannabis, hemp or marijuana, however it didn't criminalize possession or use of the drug. A fine up to $2,000 or five years' imprisonment would be the penalty for disobeying the tax.

On the very first day the law went into effect, Octover 2, 1937, the FBI and Denver police raided the Lexington Hotel. They ended up arresting Samuel R. Caldwell, a 58-year-old unemployed laborer and 26-year-old Moses Baca.

They were the first people to ever be convicted of possession in a state that it is now legal to use!


This mother bought a farm to save her sons' lives...and her sons were the Marx Brothers!

The Marx Brothers are comedy legends. The real life brothers was successful in vaudeville, on Broadway, and in motion pictures from 1905 to 1949.

Five of the Marx Brothers' thirteen feature films were selected by the American Film Institute (AFI) as among the top 100 comedy films, with two of them in the top twelve.

The brothers were included in AFI's 100 Years...100 Stars list of the most significant screen legends, the only performers to be inducted collectively.

During World War I, anti-German sentiments were common, and the family tried to conceal its German origin. During this time, Groucho discontinued his "German" stage personality.

After learning that farmers were excluded from the draft rolls, mother Minnie purchased a 27-acre poultry farm near Countryside, Illinois, and made the brothers work on it.

The brothers soon discovered that farming was not for them. Still, farming in your home country beats running away to Canada!


Some awesome lists!

People who can't wear latex gloves may not be able to eat a kiwi!

My award for the the least things likely to be related, but somehow are, is the allergic reaction between latex gloves and fruit.

Though it's one of the more common allergies you'll find, which is why nearly every doctor, food handler and TSA agent may question you about it, it's hard to believe that it would impede on a persons ability to eat a kiwi!

The allergy occurs when after repeated exposure to products containing natural rubber latex, so the more you use it the less immune to the allergy you'll be.

Mucus membranes may absorb the latex proteins which causes the body to produce antibodies that react with them, causing the allergy to surface. But what's that have to do with fruit?

People suffering from a latex allergy are susceptible to being allergic to a number of different plant products, normally fruit. This is known as the aptly named latex-fruit syndrome.

Fruits and seeds that can flare up the allergy include bananas, pineapples, avocados, chestnuts, kiwis, mangoes, passionfruit, figs, strawberries and soy. Most, but not all of these fruits contain the naturally occurring latex, which explains why it can cause an allergic reaction.


China is building 10 massive "ghost cities" every year in order to stimulate growth!

In most places, the creation of new cities are dictated by speculation. Speculation is, to put it simply, taking educated guesses about what will happen in the future and acting on those guesses.

This is why people purchase land on the outskirts of big cities. They believe that, in a few decades, the city will grow and people will need that land for houses and businesses. If that guess turns out to be correct, the speculator can then sell back that land at a much higher price.

However, it seems this practice has led to bad results in China.

By order of the Chinese government, nearly ten new cities are being built every year. However, after their creation, these cities sit almost vacant, with only a few wealthy citizens moving to them. Designed to stimulate economic growth, these ghost cities are instead home to failing businesses and disappointed rich people.

Even the “Great Mall of China”, which has space for over 2000 shops, is over 99 percent vacant. It may be the largest mall in the world, but it is also one of the most pitiful.

But why, exactly, are these cities so vacant?

The answer seems to be in the pricing. Instead of providing low-cost housing, these new locations are filled with high-end apartments, something most Chinese citizens can’t afford. So, as much as families would like to move, they simply can’t afford to.

If China makes these new places more affordable and accessible, they may become true metropolises in the future. Until then, however, they remain ghost cities, filled with nothing but empty hopes and cold chills.



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