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Fatal familial insomnia is just as scary as it sounds...exhaustion can lead to your eventual death!

Insomnia causes problems for people all around the world, but if you suffer from insomnia, be thankful it’s not Fatal familial insomnia.

If it was, you wouldn’t have to worry about being tired for too long because, as the name suggests, you’d soon be dead.

This isn’t something that can be caught and treated, either. This disease has no known cure.

The average survival time after being diagnosed is about 18 months. It wouldn’t be an easy 18 months, either, as the progressively worsening insomnia causes hallucinations, delirium, and confusional states like that of dementia.

This disease is so stubborn that one man with it was admitted to a hospital where they tried to put him into an induced coma, only to find out that his brain failed to shut down completely.

This disease is extremely rare and only affects 100 people in 40 families. It is usually due to an inherited gene, but there is a variation which can lead to someone without the mutation in their family to develop the disease. In that case it is called sporadic fatal insomnia.

You wouldn’t know you have this disease until you were middle aged, as that’s when the onset would be. Because of this, people with a history of the disease in their family are encouraged to get tested before having children and passing it along to them.

If only one parent has the gene, there is a 50% chance that a child inherits the disease.


Here is a list of the 24 countries where it is legal to be a lesbian, but illegal to be a gay man! The penalty in Mauritius for being gay, is shocking!

In 2013 The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, or ILGA, has listed 81 countries where there are laws against homosexuality or homosexual acts.

But strangely enough, there are 24 countries where it is legal to be a lesbian, but illegal to be a gay man!

Here is a list of those countries and the penalties gay men face in those countries:

Ghana: Five to twenty years imprisonment Sierra.

Leone and Guyana: In these countries a gay man will be imprisoned for life!

Nigeria, Tuvalu and Seychelles: Fourteen years in prison Kenya: Fourteen to twenty-one years imprisonment, “depending on the circumstances.”

Malawi: Here gay men can face corporal punishment or fourteen years in jail.

Swaziland: In this country laws against sodomy are rarely enforced, but being openly gay can result in being turned away or evicted from AIDS clinics, which is similar to a death penalty if you think about it!

Saint Kitts and Nevis, Tonga, Belize, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada: Ten year prison sentence.

Jamaica: Hard labor for ten years.

Turkmenistan and Singapore: Two years in prison.

Uzbekistan: Three years imprisonment.

Kiribati, Nauru and Palau: Laws against gay interactions, but penalties not enforced.

Cook Islands: Seven years in jail.

Mauritius is incredibly horrifying. In Mauritius the penalty for being a gay man is death by public stoning!

None of the aforementioned countries have anything against lesbians.


Rabies has virtually been eradicated in Switzerland. They placed chicken heads laced with vaccine in the Swiss Alps and the foxes ate it and became immune

Between 26,000 and 55,000 people still die of rabies each year! 95% of those deaths occur in Asia and Africa.

It is still present in 150 counties around the world and about 3 billion people live in regions where infections occur.

Most small island nations are virtually rabies free and also Switzerland managed to almost completely eradicate the viral disease.

The Swiss discovered that foxes were the main source of rabies in the country. Dogs are easy to vaccinate, but to get hold of an entire fox population living mostly in the Swiss Alps, is another matter entirely!

If you have ever read European folk tales or even just tried to raise chickens in an area with a fox population, you will know that foxes just love eating chicken. Instead of catching and wrestling with rabid foxes to get them vaccinated, Swiss scientists came up with an idea that is genius in its simplicity.

Chickens were slaughtered and the chicken heads were laced with live attenuated vaccine. Those chicken heads were then placed in the Swiss Alps and the foxes, unable to resist chicken, devoured all the chicken heads offered to them - thereby unknowingly becoming immune to the rabies virus!


Some awesome lists!

In Indonesia Manta Rays are worth 2000 times more alive than dead and Indonesia's ocean is now the largest sanctuary for manta rays in the world

Indonesia has been the world’s largest fishery for rays and sharks for almost 30 years.

A dead manta ray is worth $40-$500 in Indonesia. Manta ray tourism, however, can bring in $1 million during the life span of a single ray! Mantas can live to become 50 years old and can travel in groups of up to 50.

The Indonesian government did the math, figuring a ray is worth 2000 times more alive than when it is dead!

This prompted the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to ban fishing and export of mantas in 2014. Indonesia’s 2.2 million square miles of ocean is now the largest sanctuary for manta rays in the world.

This could not have come at a better time for mantra rays whose population has declined in the last ten years and the ray is now listed as “Vulnerable to Extinction" by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Manta products are mostly sold in the Guangzhou region in southern China as part of a scam, proclaiming the gills can cure everything from chickenpox to cancer and infertility.

But it has no curative properties and are not considered a formal component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, they are not even recognized by traditional medicine practitioners!


Can't get away for the summer? Let your stuffed animals do the traveling for you with this travel agency!

People stuck at the office all summer with no vacation time to speak of must look out of the window and just dream of the far off places they could be adventuring.

Well, now you can pay the cost of such an adventure and send someone—or something—else in your place: your stuffed animal!

The last few years, a travel agency in Tokyo, Japan has made a decent living taking travel plans for stuffed animal owners.

All it costs for the Tokyo tour is $45 or $55 for the onsen (hot spring) trip plus the cost of shipping the toy to the agency. There is a weight limit though: No stuffed animals over 0.55 pounds allowed. Sorry, Fatty the Bear!

As weird as it sounds, the agency does do a lot of good. It's geared toward people who can't make the trip themselves due to handicaps and illnesses.

Some have even mustered up the inspiration to rehabilitate after seeing photos of their stuffed animal having a good time, wanting to visit the place themselves.

So if you can't get out and see the world, at least your playthings can!



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