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A Woman Got Pregnant After Two Men Had Sex With Her. DNA Tests Say They're Both 99% Probable of Being The Father!

A Missouri Woman in 2004 gave birth to a little girl and claimed that Raymon Miller was the father.

However, she admitted to having sex with both Raymon and his brother Richard within hours of each other!

Raymon Miller brought his twin brother Richard Miller to court in order to process a paternity test. However, since they're identical twins, the test came back stating they both have 99% probability of being the father due to the identical DNA!

Neither men want to pay child support and this led to a battle between brothers and a little girl not knowing which is her real father. Richard Miller, the one who was brought to court by his brother, claims that Raymon just doesn't want to pay child support and caused a large mess.

Dr. Bob Giles, a paternity expert states that both of them "played" now both of them should pay, by splitting the child support down the middle.


What if I told you there were secret cities located in the world, their names and locations kept hidden by the government?

A closed city is a settlement with travel and residency restrictions. These cities don't show up on any maps, there are no road signs and bus routes only run to nearby villages.

Russia has got 44 acknowledged closed cities, with 15 more believed to exist, but nobody knows their locations or names apart from the Russian government.

These cities were established from the 1940's onwards. They were home to small communities with sensitive military, industrial and scientific facilities.

These cities were often situated on borders and close to rivers and lakes to provide large amounts of water needed for heavy industry and nuclear technology.

A closed city would often be guarded by barbed wire and prisons, although the residents could easily move in and out via the checkpoint. The existence of the city was often classified and residents were expected to uphold the secrecy of their residence.

Even after over 20 years since the end of the Soviet Union, Russia still officially keeps a number of its closed cities in the former Soviet republics.


During its war with Iraq, Iran used school-aged children to clear the ground for its troops by running over minefields!

Go to Iran if you want to witness severe human rights abuses. Iran is notorious for using “human waves” to clear minefields or draw enemy fire during war. It cost many lives, but the tactic worked sometimes. Volunteers were swept away by patriotism and martyrdom war propaganda presented by the government during the revolution. 

Children were encouraged through visits to the schools as an invasive media campaign. Boys aged nine to sixteen proudly and excitedly lined up to become martyrs. They wore white headbands to signify their embracing of death. An estimated 95,000 Iranian child soldiers were killed during the war. 

The Iraq-Iran War was intense and brutal for all citizens. Poison gas was released on citizens during stalemates. Neither side had enough artillery to keep progressing in the war. They turned to dirty tactics that took the lives of countless innocent people. Poison gas was even let loose inside schools, needlessly killing children. The war took a major toll on the nation.


Some awesome lists!

Oreo cookies are actually knock-offs of a brand called Hydrox!

Although to be fair, “Oreo” does sound a lot more welcoming than “Hydrox.”

Hydrox is the brand name for a crème-filled chocolate sandwich cookie produced by Sunshine Biscuits. It debuted in 1908. Oreos however did not come around until about 1912. They were inspired by Hydrox and yet most people began to think that Hydrox cookies were the knockoffs. Compared to Hydrox, Oreo had a “tangy, less-sweet filling” and crunchier cookie, so that it better complemented milk.

Hydrox however, was in the market until about 1999 when it was replaced with a similar product called “Droxies.” The Carvel ice-cream franchise still sells ice-cream goods manufactured with “Hydrox” cookie crumbs, using the cookies’ all-kocher status as a selling pint since the original Oreo recipe uses lard.


There is a way to always win at Connect Four if you start first!

If you've ever been frustrated by a game of Connect Four, you'll probably be even more frustrated to find out that it is a "solved game." This means that the outcome of the game can be correctly predicted if both players play perfectly.

It was first solved in October 1988 by James D. Allen and later that same month, independently, by Victor Allis. They figured out that the first player, if they make the right move, can always force the win.

Other solved games include Chopsticks, Checkers, Quarto, and Tic-Tac-Toe. Now we could tell you just what move to make in order to guarantee a win everytime, but that wouldn't be any fun.



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