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Freddie Mercury bequeathed the vast majority of his fortune to his ex-girlfriend, and also entrusted her to ensure that the burial place of his ashes would remain secret.

Freddie Mercury is known for being the lead singer and frontman for the band Queen.

Upon his death in 1991, he left the vast majority of his fortune, as well as his house, in the hands of his former girlfriend Mary Austin. Not only that, but he also trusted her to keep the burial place of his ashes a secret.

The rooms in the mansion are pretty much how Mercury left them. The furniture is even mostly the same.

Things haven’t gone easily for Austin in the years since Mercury’s death. She split with the father of her children, and a later relationship floundered as well.

Austin rarely gives interviews, but does so once in a while to keep the legacy of Freddie Mercury alive. He was a legend and now an almost mythical figure of showmanship.

The legacy of Freddie Mercury is sure to live on.


What 99%? The typical person in the bottom 5 percent of the American income distribution is still richer than 68 percent of the world's inhabitants

The World Bank is a United Nations international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs.

In other words, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to money and world economies.

So when World Bank economist Branko Milanovic wrote a book on inequality around the world, it’s fair to say it had legitimate information.

In his book, Milanovic has a chart that shows inequality in the world by country and income class. The chart adjusts for the cost of living in different countries, so we are looking at consistent living standards worldwide.

There’s no denying that the incomes in the United States are largely unequal, but that doesn’t mean that America is poor.

The chart shows that the United States is a pretty rich country, even when you look at the bottom 5% of incomes. When it comes down to it, the poorest 5% in America, on average, are richer than 68% of world’s inhabitants!

Interestingly, this percentile is right where the richest people in India fall. So yes, the poorest 5% in the United States are, as a group, about as rich as India’s richest.


From the time it was created until 1950, 7 Up soft drinks contained lithium!

If you are not familiar with 7 Up soft drink, where have you been?

Okay seriously, even if you are familiar with it and it is one of your favorite beverages, the chances are you do not know all there is to know about this lemon-lime flavored, non-caffeinated drink.

Here are some of the facts that might blow you away!

Charles Leiper Grigg of St. Louis came up for the formula of a lemon-lime flavored drink in 1929.

Apparently he was really not very good at naming things, because he named it "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda"! Imagine ordering that at a Fast Food outlet!

But the name may have given you a hint as to what the other astonishing fact about 7 Up is.

It contained lithium citrate! Imagine all the very calm people drinking 7 Up. Lithium citrate is a medicinal drug which is used to treat depression, mania, bipolar disorder, self-harming behavior and aggression.

Lithium affects a person’s ability to drive or operate machinery, so hopefully nobody drank 7 Up before going to work or driving home!

Of course 7 Up no longer contains that mood altering medication. Lithium was removed as an ingredient of the soft drink in 1950. Ironically, the slogan for 7 Up until 1936 was “You Like It, It Likes You!”


Some awesome lists!

US Aircraft Bombers were fitted with a 'Fail Deadly' device that would have automatically released the nuclear weapons on board if the plane was shot down

A dead man’s switch is a device developed for emergency situations.

It does what it name says – it takes over a system or a machine if the operator of that system becomes incapacitated or dies. Originally it was meant to save lives if one life is lost.

It was first used in locomotives to bring the engine to an emergency stop should the engineer be unable to fulfill his duties.

Most gas station pumps are switched off by a fail safe button in case of a fire. These are all life saving functions, but the US military saw another application for emergency situation switches.

The Special Weapons Emergency Separation Systems (SWESS) was invented to kill more people if one person dies! It was meant to be a deterrent of sorts. Since the 1950’s Strategic Air Command ensured that all aircraft bombers were fitted with nuclear bomb release systems.

If a bomber was shot down over enemy territory or the controls failed and the plane dropped below a certain altitude, the SWESS automatically released the nuclear weapons on board. These switches were designed for nuclear weapons and are not used to launch missiles because missiles are designed to hit a specific target.


The plot of the manga/anime 'Akira' revolves around the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games

There is a large group of anime fans that consider ‘Akira’ to be the greatest anime of all time.

The animation is very well done and the story line is so complex that the viewer has to constantly keep up with events as they unfold. It can not really be classed as relaxing, mindless viewing.

The story is set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo after a nuclear bomb detonated there in 1988. Subsequent to these events, Word War III broke out and society changes drastically.

Everything in this anime revolves around the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Stadium that was actually constructed as a cover for covert military operation and it was also where Akira’s (a paranormal psychic power) frozen remains were held and where they were discovered by Tetsuo.

The 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games were to be the first of its kind to be held after the start of World War III.

The stadium is the place where the final conflict between Tetsuo Shima, the young biker with psychic powers, and his life long friend, Shotaro Kaneda, takes place. It is also where Akira is re-awakened and it is the epicenter of Neo-Tokyo’s destruction and the creation of the new universe.

The real 2020 Summer Olympic Games will, coincidentally, be held in Tokyo! What an amazing coincidence!



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