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You're more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you are to actually win the lottery.

We've all heard the adage "you're more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lottery." Sounds grim. Apparently, it's also more likely that you will die on the way to buying your lottery ticket than actually win the lottery.

Of course this all depends on your mode of transportation to buy the ticket and the characteristics of the area where you buy it and even your demographics. It is true that you are more likely to die in a car accident than win though. The gist is that it's very unlikely that you will win the lottery.

Some other things that are more likely than winning the lottery? Dying from flesh-eating bacteria, dying from a bee sting, becoming a movie star, dying in a bathtub and having identical quadruplets.


11 Facts That Could Save Your Life Some Day.

1. If you get stuck in riptide, remain calm and swim parallel to shore. Swimming to the shore will just tire you out faster.

2. When crying for help, call out specific people (eg. "you with the green shirt!"). It makes people more likely to act and not be affected by the bystander effect.

3. In survival situations, while it will change depending on your body, remember the rule of threes:

  • 3 minutes without air (maybe you're buried in snow following an avalance)

  • 3 hours without shelter against the elements

  • 3 days without water

  • 3 weeks without food

4. Most phones are able to dial 911 even without service or a SIM card.

5. Additionally, 112 is the international 9-1-1 in most places.

6. If you see a photo of yourself (or anyone else - particularly children) where they only have one 'red eye' from the flash, this could be a sign of retinoblastoma (a type of eye cancer).

7. If caught in a burning building, get low. The breathable air will be near the floor.

8. Learn the self-Heimlich.

9. Do you have a desk job? Be sure you get up at least once every two hours and walk around for 5-10 minutes. Doing this reduces the chance of developing blood clots in your calves.

10. If you're a man and you pee on one of those pregnancy test, if it comes up positive you may have testicular cancer.

11. Just because the light turns green doesn't mean its safe to go.


An escaped sheep was found with 60 pounds of wool.

Shrek the sheep ran away and hid in a cave in New Zealand for 6 years. When Shrek was finally found in 2004, the sheep had gone unsheared for so long that it had accumulated 60 pounds of wool on its body, enough to make 20 suits! The sheep became famous and even got to meet the Prime Minister. Shrek finally passed away last month at the age of 16.

Some awesome lists!

You spend 40 minutes every day blind.

It's not that your eyes aren't working. Your mind is actually blocking images all the time, and refusing to process them. Whenever your eyes move, your brain doesn't process what would normally be very dizzying blurry images coming from the retina. To fill in the gaps of time, your brain creates an illusion for a fraction of a second to keep us from noticing. This is called "Saccadic masking" and it keeps us from experiencing motion blur.

Your brain replaces the blurry images with static images of your next object of focus. Whatever you look at after moving your eyes appears to stay still for a long period of time, because it is actually the same image stretched for a longer period of time to cover up the blur. This is called the "stopped-clock illusion", when the first second on a clock after you turn to look at it appears to take longer than all the other seconds.

Due to the always uncertain future of Futurama, there has been four designated series finales.

Futurama is an animated TV comedy based in the future. It started out on Fox and eventually moved to Comedy Central.

The show has been aired sporadically in the past, leading to a lot of confusing for both fans and the shows' writers. The show has had 4 episodes that were written with the intention of them being the finale.

In the first few seasons of the show, the time and day that it aired changed a few times, and on top of that, the new episodes were often shown at different times due to sports ending later than expected. All of this combined to make it hard to keep up with every new episode of the show.

Fox eventually decided to (unofficially) cancel the show in the middle of its fourth season. Comedy Central decide to pick it up in 2006, and decided to make new episodes instead of just airing reruns. They also created a film that was going to act as the shows finale.

It took until 2009 for Comedy Central to pick the show up for another season. At first it wasn't certain that all of the original voice actors would be a part of it, but eventually they were. The season premiere ended up being the networks highest-rated night in 2010 and its highest-rated Thursday primetime in the network's history.

The future of the series has always been uncertain which has led to the multiple finales. "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", "Into the Wild Green Yonder" and "Overclockwise" have all been written to serve as a final episode for the show. The episode "Meanwhile" currently stands as the show's official series finale.



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